Revive Parishes

Revive Parishes

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Revive courses provide insights, practical steps, and training for your staff, catechists, and parish leader volunteers. Don’t reinvent the wheel, learn from the best with over 10 hours of expert training. These 4 courses Evangelization with Chris Stefanick, Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz, Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark Mary Ames, and Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski are more than inspiration, they offer real practical solutions.

Evangelization with Chris Stefanick
Missionary Discipleship with Julianne Stanz
Loving and Serving The Poor with Fr. Mark-Mary Ames
Parish Renewal with Tim Glemkowski

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Revive Parishes
  • Chapter 25: Staying Grounded

    Episode 1

    In this chapter, Father discusses how the poor offer medicine to the “me-centric” illness that exists in our world.

  • Chapter 26: Spiritual Fruits (Personal and Communal)

    Episode 2

    Father Mark-Mary addresses two spiritual fruits of working with the poor. The personal spiritual fruit is a complete encounter with Jesus Christ, in other words, almost like an “eighth sacrament.” He also mentions that the communal spiritual fruit is evangelization. Serving the poor is an easy wa...

  • Chapter 27: Vocations

    Episode 3

    Is there an opportunity for a young person to experience heroic living and heroic love in your parish community to foster discernment of religious or missionary vocations? For Father Mark-Mary, this opportunity played a key role in his discovery of his vocation to the priesthood.

  • Chapter 28: Development

    Episode 4

    Involvement precedes investment, and charity campaigns aid capital campaigns. What does this mean? Father explains these ideas in this chapter.

  • Chapter 29: Conclusion

    Episode 5

    Making time for this course is an investment, and it reveals your heart and how you desire to give yourself sacrificially to the Church. May these desires to love and serve the poor be put into action!

  • Loving and Serving the Poor Guide

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