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Revive Parishes

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Revive Parishes was founded with a singular goal: to transform parish leaders so that they can revive their parishes. This may sound simple, but it is certainly not easy — and this is where the Holy Spirit comes in. With God’s help, your hard work and perseverance, and a little help and coaching from those who have gone before you… anything is possible. Welcome to Revive Parishes!

Founded by Dan Rogers, Edmundo Reyes, Tim Glemkoswki, and John Martin, Revive Parishes is now a proud offering of the Augustine Institute and is presented 100% free of charge for the benefit of the Church. In the coming years, this resource will continue to grow under this stewardship, and parishes around the world will continue to benefit from this incredible resource.

Each course on Revive was created with you in mind: to give you practical tips, suggestions, inspiration, and coaching on the most important issues facing Catholic parishes today. FORMED is proud to host a few of the lessons and courses on this platform for your viewing. To find all 18+ courses and lessons, go to


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Revive Parishes
  • Chapter 1: The Main Thing

    Episode 1

    In the opening chapter of Chris’ course on Evangelization, we’ll cover the importance of keeping focused on the main thing: Jesus Christ.

  • Chapter 2: The Problem and the Solution

    Episode 2

    In the second chapter of the course, Chris discusses that the problems we face as a Church are unlike any in history… and the solution the Church offers is needed now more than ever.

  • Chapter 3: Kerygma: The Message that Changes the World

    Episode 3

    The third chapter sets the scene for the next few chapters, all of which focus on the kerygma.

  • Chapter 4: Where does this fit in the Church’s teaching and ministry?

    Episode 4

    Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to bring all of humanity back into a relationship with Him. In order to accomplish this mission in every place and in every era, Jesus established a Church, gathered around this mission. If the Church has been sent in this way, as the Bride of Christ, then so h...

  • Chapter 5: Sticking to the Message

    Episode 5

    In everything that we do as a parish, we must keep the kerygma at the core. Why? Chris provides that answer in this chapter.

  • Chapter 6: The Kerygma in the New Testament

    Episode 6

    Is the kerygma even biblical? Where does it come from, and how was it used in the early church? Chris Stefanick walks us through the early days of the Gospel proclamation.

  • Chapter 7: Nones

    Episode 7

    In this chapter, we will dive into the “nones” - who they are, why they believe there is no God, and how we can effectively reach them.

  • Chapter 8: Answering a Few Key Obstacles

    Episode 8

    There will be obstacles to sharing the Good News in today’s society. But there is no need to be afraid. In this chapter, we’ll explore these key obstacles and look at a solution forward.

  • Chapter 9: How to Frame the Message Today

    Episode 9

    How can you frame the message of the kerygma so that it doesn’t come across as cheesy or outdated? Chris provides examples and support to help you proclaim the Good News in a way that hits home.

  • Chapter 10: Section Introduction

    Episode 10

    This chapter serves to introduce the next section. In this chapter, Chris lays out a foundation of seven highly effective evangelists’ habits, and each chapter unpacks one of these important principles.

  • Chapter 11: #1: Keep First Things First

    Episode 11

    Do you, as a parish staff, keep Jesus at the center? Are you praying regularly and praying together? Chris discusses why this is the first and most vital tip.

  • Chapter 12: #2: Make Time

    Episode 12

    As a parish staff member or volunteer, do you find that evangelization is becoming something that you do “for your job” or in your ministry but not in your daily life? Chris challenges us to become living breathing evangelists with ease in our everyday lives.

  • Chapter 13: #3: Present the Gospel as a Celebration of Life

    Episode 13

    Do you find joy in the Gospel? If we really believed what we preach, Chris argues that we would be overwhelmed with joy, and that alone would draw others in. Chris challenges us to celebrate life, and gives some simple practical examples of how this could look.

  • Chapter 14: #4: Give

    Episode 14

    As a parish staff, are we giving back to the Church? Are we offering our time, talent, and treasure as we hope others will do? Chris discusses why this is a crucial piece in becoming a parish of evangelization.

  • Chapter 15: #5: Don’t Let Fear Get in the Way

    Episode 15

    What conversations are you not having because of fear? How does it impact your programs, preaching, ministries, and personal life? Are you developing real friendships, willing to “go there”, and have honest conversations about faith and challenges? If you struggle with this, as most people do, Ch...

  • Chapter 16: #6: Witness with Your Life

    Episode 16

    You must be a witness of the Good News in the way you live, interact, and serve those in your parish. As hard as it is, it is the easiest way to draw people into the love of God.

  • Chapter 17: #7: Pray as You Go

    Episode 17

    Are you sitting in silence with the Lord in adoration and prayer to receive what you need to do your job in the way Jesus is calling you? Can you perceive the needs in your parishioners’ lives that Jesus sees them?

  • Chapter 18: Section Introduction

    Episode 18

    Let’s get practical. What are some things your parish can start focusing on to do the work of evangelization? Chris’s point is pretty simple; what works has not changed from the time of Christ, it’s just about actually doing it well!

  • Chapter 19: Large Events CAN Work!

    Episode 19

    Do large Evangelistic events work? Yes! Jesus held larger events geared towards evangelization in His time. There are a few key elements to make sure that the event is successful. Chris does a deep dive into the practicals.

  • Chapter 20: Small Groups: Life on Life Ministry

    Episode 20

    Small groups are vital for a parish’s growth -- both in size and in faith. Chris gives practical tips on improving or creating small groups and clarifying what sort of an impact that can have on your parish.

  • Chapter 21: Social Justice as Evangelization

    Episode 21

    Serving the poor makes our witness to Jesus Christ more convincing. How does your parish’s light shine before all in the world and to your parishioners? How can you invite people to come to know Jesus through loving and serving the poor?

  • Chapter 22: Conclusion

    Episode 22

    Large group evangelization events. Small group discipleship. Empowering parishioners to live the Gospel in your community. That was the method of Jesus, and it still works today . . . if we do it! Simple does not mean it’s easy, but we also do not have to overcomplicate the process to evangelize ...

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