Restored: Stories of Encounter

Restored: Stories of Encounter

Witness the profound beauty of ordinary people whose lives have been radically moved by Jesus Christ. Each episode of this six-part series explores a unique ministry effort driven by fascinating individuals who live to bring Christ’s light to dark and lonely places.

Restored: Stories of Encounter seeks to bring hope and renewal to the world by sharing the ways that Christ is working in the world today. Anyone – no matter where they are in their faith journey – will be inspired by this series to do good.

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Restored: Stories of Encounter
  • Episode 1: Connie McEldowney - Rustic Hope

    Connie was praying outside an abortion clinic when she realized something about the women going inside: “…they weren’t evil. They were really scared.” On her way home she prayed to God that He would “make her a better option than abortion” for these women. God answered, she listened. 

  • Episode 2: Deacon Pablo Perez - Kolbe House

    Growing up in Chicago, Deacon Perez was recruited into gang life at a young age. Miraculously, he survived all the drugs, alcohol, and violence, and he eventually walked away from his powerful position as the gang’s leader. Today, he is the Chaplain in the maximum-security division at Cook County...

  • Episode 3: Father Bob Lombardo - Mission of Our Lady of the Angels

    On December 1, 1958, a fire roared through Our Lady of the Angels school on Chicago’s west side, killing 92 students and three religious sisters. The church remained closed for fifteen years. Fifty years later, it is a bustling ministry that serves 700+ families each month with food, clothing, an...

  • Episode 4: Alan Graham - Community First Village

    After a successful career in commercial real estate, Alan Graham gave it all up to follow a deep calling to serve the homeless of Austin, TX. His desire to bring Christ to others eventually led him to create Community First Village, a 51-acre community that lifts chronically homeless men and wome...

  • Episode 5: Sharon Mason - Equine Dreams

    Sharon’s son was born with a rare neurogenetic disorder. Doctors said he would never walk or speak. Angry at God and walking away from her faith, Sharon sought comfort in an unusual way: she bought a horse! Slowly her faith returned with deeper roots. She discovered the benefits of equine-assiste...

  • Episode 6: Jordan and Jessie Schiele - Jerusalem Farm

    Jordan Schiele grew up a wealthy cradle Catholic with only a vague concern for the suffering around him. As an adult, a personal encounter opened his eyes to the suffering and mistreatment of those less fortunate. Grappling with his faith and where he belonged, he hit the road spending his time v...

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