12 Episodes

Women have many relationships and roles. We are friends, neighbors, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, daughters, co-workers, and most importantly, children of God. Watch and listen to other women discuss how they live out the roles that God has given them. A series of 12 videos from well-known presenters will help you explore the many facets and responsibilities of your own relationships.
In a group setting, this series offers women the chance to attend meetings with no preparation. Just show up to view the 20 minute presentation, and spend the next 30-40 minutes sharing, laughing, and maybe even crying with sisters in Christ as everyone helps each other to more faithfully live out the relationships that God has given them.
The speakers help us examine our relationship with: our bodies, our husbands, our friends, our young children, our teenagers, our adult children, our aging selves, Mary, Jesus, the Bible, the saints, and even technology.
For fifty women or five. Parish center or living room. These presentations can be used in a weekly or monthly meeting format. They can also be used for a weekend retreat or as break-out sessions at a conference.
There is no recommended order, but it is suggested that out of the last three (Relationship with Your Young Children, Your Teens, or Your Adult Children) you only show the one(s) particular to your group, or you can split into groups and let the women choose one to watch and discuss of most interest to them.
Of course, each session can also be viewed by individuals to prayerfully search and examine those relationships in one’s own life.

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  • Your Relationship with Your Body: Seeing Your Body as an Instrument for God

    Episode 1

    Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our bodies. We are never thin enough, pretty enough, curvy enough, tall enough, short enough. How do you view your body? Do you believe it is a temple for God? How do we balance taking care of ourselves without being obsessed? Kate Wicker shares many ...

  • Your Relationship with Your Friends: Developing Meaningful Friendships

    Episode 2

    Let’s face it, we live at a time where busy schedules and social media substitutes has led many to forget how to make and keep good friends. Emily Jaminet and Michele Faehnle show us that now, more than ever, is the time that we need close relationships. Friendships are the antidote for a great l...

  • Your Relationship with Your Spouse: Practical Advice from Pope Francis

    Episode 3

    Putting the other person’s needs first, instead of your own, is the key to happiness in most relationships, but in marriage it is absolutely crucial. Join Keith and Tami Kiser as they discuss this idea and other takeaways and advice from Pope Francis’s reflections for couples. They share what res...

  • Your Relationship with God: Growing Closer to God with the Scriptures

    Episode 4

    Have you considered that reading Scripture can bring you closer to God? What does it mean to take a head and heart approach to Scripture? Does God give you “pop quizzes?” How does the
    Holy Spirit participate? In this inspiring talk, Sonja Corbitt challenges all of us to open our Bibles and to “...

  • Your Relationship with Technology: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Episode 5

    Our computers and smartphones are here to stay. And most of us, whether we like it or not, find ourselves having to manage our time, energy, and attention with these devices. Are there ways to be good stewards of the time spent on the internet? Can we glorify God on social media? What are the rea...

  • Your Relationship with Your Aging Self: Be Who You Are Meant to Be

    Episode 6

    The first wrinkles, those gray hairs, your sagging body that isn’t able to do what it used to do can make many women begin to feel depressed. And a culture that often views older women as undesirable certainly doesn’t help. But is this how we should view aging? Is this God’s plan for older women?...

  • Your Relationship with the Saints: Finding Companions for Your Life’s Journey

    Episode 7

    The saints are our treasured spiritual ancestors in the Catholic family; and therefore, some of the most helpful relationships that you can form on your life’s journey to God. Join Elizabeth Ficocelli as she tells how she became well-acquainted with a few saints who found their way into her life....

  • Your Relationship with Mary: Your Beautiful, Loving, Generous, and Caring Mother

    Episode 8

    Why do Catholics have such a strong devotion to Mary? Sarah Reinhard, as a convert to Catholicism, found out when Mary came to her. Now, there’s no person who she relies on more. How does one come to know Mary? And how does one grow closer to her and learn to call on Mary everyday as a trusted fr...

  • Your Relationship with Jesus: Praying and Following the Ceaseless Act of Love

    Episode 9

    Conversation is essential to any relationship. It is no different with Our Lord. Sister Faustina Maria shows that prayer is just conversation with Jesus. She suggests trying silence in prayer as a way of listening to Jesus and encourages us to give the gift of time as an act of Love to God. In he...

  • Your Relationship with Your Young Children

    Episode 10

    Does the “Tyranny of the Urgent” keep you from spending quality time with your children and developing better bonds? Do you believe, like Stephanie’s father, Steve Wood, that love is spelled, T-I-M-E? Stephanie Weinert shares some wonderful ideas and tips of how to be intentional about spending t...

  • Your Relationship with Your Teenagers: Loving and Guiding Them

    Episode 11

    What are some of the ways you can intentionally connect with your teens? How can you encourage them to share their thoughts and dreams with you? How can you help them not to be afraid to talk with you about “anything?” Laryn Weaver, an experienced mother of teens, shares some advice on how to spa...

  • Your Relationship with Your Adult Children: Experiencing Their Changes and Yours

    Episode 12

    Need some wisdom and advice when dealing with your young adult children? When should you keep your mouth shut? How can you help them to confide in you? Susan Vogt speaks like a kind and loving sage giving “What I’ve Learned” advice on every stage of helping your children become adults. She shows ...