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  • Adore - Advent Reflections with Fr. John Burns

    Movie + 2 extras

  • The True Meaning of Christmas with Dr. Michael Barber

    3 videos

    Do you love Christmas traditions but don’t know where they come from? Tune in for Dr. Michael Patrick Barber’s Advent reflections called “The True Meaning of Christmas” and learn the meaning behind your favorite Christmas pastimes. To go deeper, be sure to get his accompanying book, "The True Me...

  • Augustine Institute Bible Conference - Advent 2021

    6 videos

    Now is the time to prepare your heart and mind for the coming of the Messiah. Join some of the nation’s most dynamic Scripture scholars on November 20 for a one-day virtual event.

    Included talks:
    - Guiding Star: The Role of Nature, Prophecy, and Reason in Seeking the Messiah by Dr. Tim Gray
    - Ch...

  • A Bible Study on the Joyful Mysteries

    5 videos

    Have you ever wanted to grow in your understanding and devotion to the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary? Join Dr. Ben Akers and professors from the Augustine Institute Graduate School as they walk through these Biblical mysteries and seek to grow in understanding and love for Christ through them.

  • An Apostolic Mindset

    5 videos

    Dr. Ben Akers and Tim Glemkowski, Director of Strategy for the archdiocese of Denver, dive into five attributes of an apostolic mindset. This discussion is to help all the faithful put "on the mind of Christ" (Phil 2:5) and give a faithful witness to all the world in this apostolic age.

    Watch t...

  • An Apostolic Age

    4 videos

    Dr. Ben Akers welcomes Tim Glemkowski, Director of Strategy for the Archdiocese of Denver, to have a conversation about the Apostolic age in which the Church finds herself. In four sessions, Dr. Akers and Tim will cover the times we are in today, an apostolic mindset, and an apostolic spiritualit...

  • Venerable Jerome Lejeune: To the Least of These My Brothers & Sisters

    Movie + 1 extra

    Venerable Jerome Lejeune, To the Least of These my Brothers & Sisters, documents the importance of French geneticist Jerome Lejeune's discovery of Trisomy 21, the chromosomal anomaly that results in Down Syndrome, and his lifelong defense of the dignity of the human person.

  • Island of the World - Audiobook

    2 videos

    Island of the World is the story of a child born in 1933 into the turbulent world of the Balkans and tracing his life into the third millennium. The central character is Josip Lasta, the son of an impoverished school teacher in a remote village high in the mountains of the Bosnian interior. As th...

  • Eclipse of the Sun - Audiobook

    2 videos

    In this fast-paced, reflective novel, (the second in a trilogy following Strangers and Sojourners) Michael O'Brien presents the dramatic tale of a family that finds itself in the path of a totalitarian government. Set in the near future, the story describes the rise of a police state in North Ame...

  • The Rosary: A Prayer of Miracles (English/Español)

    2 seasons

    A deeply inspiring documentary that reveals the miraculous power of the Rosary from incredible stories of how it saved nations and impacted history. A young American soldier was seriously injured in war. With his clenched fist, dirty with blood, he raised a Rosary. The true story of this photogr...

  • Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

    8 videos

    The greatest archeological discovery of the 20th century gave the world the Dead Sea Scrolls. As the oldest sacred documents of Judaism, the scrolls have many surprising connections to early Christianity.

    Biblical scholar Dr. John Bergsma and Franciscan University of Steubenville president Fathe...

  • The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello - NEW SEASON!

    6 videos

    Follow Benjamin Cello, a winsome country gentleman, as he leads his friends on song-filled adventures through the Land of the Baptized Imagination. Whether it’s dancing in the art-full beauty of Pennywhistle Park, hearing the hallelujah hoedowns of the Big Ol’ Barn, or reading deeply in the myste...

  • Novena to St. Teresa of Ávila

    9 videos

    Join us in praying a novena to St. Teresa of Ávila leading up to her feast day on October 15th.

    Find a PDF to the novena here.

  • The Sanctuary Course para Católicos

    8 videos

    Una de cada cuatro personas padecerá algún tipo de enfermedad mental a lo largo de su vida, sin embargo, el estigma sobre este tema silencia a muchos y no permite que las comunidades de fe respondan de una manera compasiva y afectiva. En este curso, dividido en ocho sesiones y diseñado para ser a...

  • The Chris Stefanick Show

    10 videos

    Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did not say, “I came to make them boring.” Instead, he wants us to live life to the fullest. Dive into the heart and soul of what it means to be Catholic with Chris Stefanick and his guests LIVE every Monday at 7 p.m. (ET).

    The Chris Stefanick Show is the most r...

  • Episode 1: The Book Swap

    It’s time to read a book! Benjamin Cello, Annie Appleseed, and Miss Gretchen, the Music Teacher, go to the Bookendless Book Tower for a book swap party, hosted by Professor Wordsworth and the Bookworms. Along the way they explore classics of literature and the one Holy Book that stands above all ...

  • Episode 2: A Friend Loves at All Times

    When Cowgirl Pearl brings a wounded chicken named Hildegard to Benjamin Cello’s cottage, Our Mellow Fellow takes the finely feathered patient to Pennywhistle Park for a lesson in friendship and how human beings are “made in the image of God”.

  • Episode 3: The Little Lost Lamb

    Miss Gretchen’s new puppy, Polly, aims to be a sheepdog, but it will take a visit to the Big Ol’ Barn and the wisdom of Shepherd Sam to teach us all the faithful care of the Good Shepherd.

  • Episode 4: Preach the Word

    The Stump Jumpers, a barbershop quartet of lay brothers, stop by the cottage to give Benjamin Cello a priceless gift! It all leads to the Bookendless Book Tower and a eureka moment where they learn what it means to preach the Gospel!

  • The Phantom Phoenix

    0 videos

    Set in Chicago during the 1920s, Martin struggles to find his place in the world. He suffered a debilitating leg injury as a fighter pilot in World War I and is rejected by society. Without the support of family or the ability to work, Martin is a homeless veteran roaming the streets of Chicago, ...

  • Jonah's Voyage to Atlantis

    0 videos

    Jonah's Voyage to Atlantis is a biblical comic book that explores spiritual truths in an epic fantasy-adventure!

    Not all who wander are lost...

    The ancient city of Nineveh is under the spell of a malevolent demon who thirsts for souls. In an effort to break free the people of Nineveh from the e...

  • Karol (Two Film Set)

    2 videos

    Available for the first time as a video set, these two highly acclaimed films on the heroic true story of St. John Paul II star Piotr Adamczyk as the beloved Karol Wojtyla who became the Pope. Filmed on location in Poland and Italy, these two movies also feature gorgeous music by the legendary fi...

  • Metanoia: A Journey With Christ Into Conversion

    11 videos

    METANOIA - and believe in the Gospel. In the Gospel of Mark, the first words of Jesus are an invitation to metanoia, to repent, to change, to be converted. This series is beautifully filmed on location in the Holy Land, highlighting sacred places such as the Sea of Galilee, the River Jordan, the ...

  • FORMED Now: Saints

    37 videos

    In the FORMED Now Saints collection, you can find interviews on dozens of the lives of the saints. Learn about Sts. Monica, Augustine, Stephen, Philip Neri, Catherine of Siena, and more!