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  • Letter of Pope John Paul II to Women - 4-part Series

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    Letter of Pope John Paull II to Women - 4-part Series by Sr. Mary Madeline Todd, O.P.

  • Chiara Lubich: Love Conquers All (English Dubbed)

    Portraying the life of Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement, this powerful movie tells the dramatic story of the spiritual and human adventure of a young teacher from Trento, Italy, who, amidst the devastation and despair from the bombings of World War II, was called to build a bet...

  • Chiara Lubich: Love Conquers All (Italian with English Subtitles)

    Portraying the life of Chiara Lubich, the founder of the Focolare Movement, this powerful movie tells the dramatic story of the spiritual and human adventure of a young teacher from Trento, Italy, who, amidst the devastation and despair from the bombings of World War II, was called to build a bet...

  • The Chaplet of Divine Mercy

    The Chaplet of Divine Mercy, a meditative prayer revealed to St. Faustina by Our Lord Jesus Christ, has been given a beautiful and sacred setting in this new rendition by composers, Gretchen Wolaver and Bill Wolaver, of the Annie Moses Band. Comprising the entire length of the Chaplet, the musica...

  • Made for Love by Fr. Mike Schmitz

    In Made for Love, Fr. Michael Schmitz presents the Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction and same-sex "sexual" relations.

    He begins by giving background information regarding the different worldviews of the human person, the philosophical ideas of nature and purpose, the differences between o...

  • Scivias: Know the Ways of the Lord

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    Could the Priesthood be your calling?
    Do you have a longing and thirst to bring souls to Jesus Christ, the source of eternal salvation?

    This series illustrates how a priest’s life is fulfilled in so many ways.

  • Tears of Christ

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    "Jesus wept, not merely from the deep thoughts of his understanding but from spontaneous tenderness, from the goodness and mercy, the encompassing loving-kindness and exuberant affection of the Son of God for his own work, the race of man."

    This precious insight takes us to the heart of the inte...

  • Lay Leaders Conference 2022

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    If you are a lay leader serving in a parish, diocese, or other Catholic apostolate, we hope you enjoy these sessions from the Augustine Institute’s 2022 Lay Leaders Conference.

    Our experienced faculty addressed topics such as:
    - How to better use the tools God has provided and reduce stress,
    - W...

  • Augustine Institute Bible Conference - Lent 2022

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    Join Dr. Tim Gray, Dr. Gwen Adams, Dr. Brant Pitre, and Dr. Michael Barber as they discuss how you can delve into the riches of the Scriptures and more fruitfully embark upon your Lenten journey.

    Download the PDF outline of the talks.

  • Restore: Lent with Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT

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    Take a healing journey with Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT, as she helps you turn away from what wounds you and toward God who heals you and makes you whole. Each week, Sr. Miriam will lead you to meet the tenderness of God’s mercy, the power of his love, and the restoration of your heart and li...

  • Fire Within by Fr. Thomas Dubay, SM

    This book is the fruit of Fr. Dubay's many years of study and experience in spiritual direction and in it he synthesizes the teachings on prayer of the two great doctors of the Church on prayer--St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila--and the teaching of Sacred Scripture.
    But the teaching ...

  • The Art of Living with Dr. Edward Sri

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    Dr. Ben Akers welcomes Dr. Edward Sri to discuss his new book, The Art of Living: The Cardinal Virtues and the Freedom to Love, and the virtues generally. In these episodes, viewers will learn what a virtue is, how to grow in them, and how our ability to love is dependent on our pursuit of the vi...

  • Messiah
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    9 items

    Discover the One the Prophets Foretold!

    Messiah is an exploration of the messianic prophecies of the Bible and how they were fulfilled by Jesus – both during his earthly life, and after it.

    Hosted by acclaimed actor Leonardo Defilippis and filmed at nearly 30 locations in the US, Holy Land, a...

  • Why Almsgiving by Dr. Michael Barber

    Advent, the season in which we prepare for Christmas, is a penitential season. One of the key acts of penance that the Church recommends is almsgiving. But why? Citing the Old and New Testaments, the Catechism, and his own engaging personal stories, professor and author Dr. Michael Barber explain...

  • A Place at the Table

    There are no African-American Saints formally recognized within the Catholic Church, but that could soon change. There are six incredible black men and women who are on the path to Canonization. The Catholic Church is starting to recognize their impact and may soon name any or all of them Saints....

  • Restored: Stories of Encounter

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    Witness the profound beauty of ordinary people whose lives have been radically moved by Jesus Christ. Each episode of this six-part series explores a unique ministry effort driven by fascinating individuals who live to bring Christ’s light to dark and lonely places.

    Restored: Stories of Encounte...

  • Soul of a Champion: The Gil Hodges Story

    Gil Hodges is one of the greatest baseball players who is not inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Experience the story of this remarkable man, as told by baseball legends from the Brooklyn Dodgers, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets.

  • St. Junípero Serra: A Man of God, A Mission of Love

    In this documentary, learn about Father Serra’s heroic missionary activity to Indigenous peoples in 18th-century North America.

  • Time With Jesus

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    Time with Jesus (TWJ) is a collection of short five-minute meditations that take children (and adults) on a journey through 13 popular New Testament bible stories to meet Jesus and speak with Him. Meditations are brought to life by the use of different voices, sound effects and music, making this...

  • The Ventures of Faith St. John Henry Newman

    Following Christ can entail fear, risk, and uncertainty. But as St. John Henry Newman boldly preaches, this reality reveals how crucially important and worthwhile it is to undertake such a venture. “No one among us knows for certain that he himself will persevere; yet every one among us, to give ...

  • My Son, Jonathan

    Jeff Joaquin, a That Man is You! (TMIY) core team leader for well over a decade, shares his story of wounds and healing – ultimately, a story of God’s unfathomable mercy. In Jeff’s life, not unlike the King David story, sexual sin led to death. A life conceived in the womb while he was in high sc...

  • St. Bernadette of Lourdes

    The first “Children’s Cinema” release from Navis Pictures, “St. Bernadette of Lourdes” is a beautiful and faithful retelling of the familiar story of one of the world’s most beloved saints. Humorous, moving, and reverent, this unique, award-winning, independent film has been seen by millions wor...

  • Champion of the Poor: Father Joe Walijewski

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    This action-packed, full-color comic book biography tells the inspiring life story of Father Joe Walijewski, priest of the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin and founder of the Casa Hogar orphanage in Peru. From his days as an impressionable young boy in Michigan, where he discovered a unique call t...

  • Into His Likeness

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    In the ancient disciple-rabbi relationship, the disciple would follow the rabbi so closely that he would be covered in the dust kicked up from his rabbi’s feet. Thousands of years later, though we walk on roads of pavement and not dust, we are still called to be disciples—to follow our Rabbi, Jes...