Real + True (English)

Real + True (English)

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Real + True (English)
  • Real + True: Is there a plan for my life?

    Episode 1

    Are you a planner? Or maybe making plans stresses you out. Either way we've all probably stressed about our life plans. When should I get married? Or just, what's for dinner this Friday?

    But God already has a beautiful plan for your life. He created you with a purpose:to know and love him.


  • Real + True: What the Catholic Church Actually Teaches, About Everything

    Episode 2

    Using a search engine to find a local restaurant, or the name of that guy from that one movie, or to understand what bitcoin is... these are essential life skills in the modern world. But what about bigger questions? It can be hard to figure out what the Catholic Church is all about in the vast d...

  • Real + True: What would Earth be like without maps?

    Episode 3

    Maps are arguably one of the most important human inventions ever, and also probably one of the oldest. Why are humans so fascinated with knowing where we are and where we're going?

    When we make mental maps we are concerned about how things are connected, on how places are located in relations...

  • Real + True: The life of man is to know and love God / Real + True Podcast

    Episode 4

    In this first episode of the podcast, the co-founders of Real + True dive deeper into the videos, the intention behind them, and the mission behind the project.

    The Real + True Podcast is a place for us to discuss the unit of videos in more detail, dive deeper into the content, and share a bit...