Questions for God

Questions for God

10 Episodes

Questions for God comprises of 10 short videos based on the children’s books. The first of 10 Children's book, which is USCCB approved, with Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, is also below for download as pdf or epub.

From the author, Peggy Olds: “Our children come from God and it is our responsibility to see that they return to him. Good religious education begins at birth. Reading Questions for God to/with your child and making nightly prayers a priority will go far in laying a strong, Catholic foundation.

As parents, we realize how inquisitive our children are about life, but we tend to ignore this quality when it comes to our Faith. Our little ones are eager to learn how everything began and is sustained. They are able to understand and absorb so much more than we realize. It is our responsibility to capitalize on the eagerness of the little ones and teach them their spiritual heritage. It is never too early to begin.

Children easily learn material in story form. Questions for God presents God’s salvation history plan as a story, complete with a beginning (creation), a middle (the prophets and covenants) and an end (redemption and eternity). The prayers at the end of each book will be quickly learned when incorporated into nightly prayers.

Parents and teachers know that learning begins at birth. Language and basic rules are learned through an ongoing process throughout the life of a child. It is my belief that we are amply addressing the “reading, writing and arithmetic” aspects of the child’s early development, however, the spiritual aspect of a child’s development has been generally overlooked. If a child can learn the vocabulary of the English language, the child can learn the vocabulary of the Church. If a child can learn the ABC’s, a child can learn the basic prayers of the Church. If a child is to believe that God loves him/her and he/she should love Him back, a child needs to know Who and what God is. It is our responsibility to begin teaching the truths of our faith as early as we begin teaching the ABC’s.My goal has been to help children and families on this earthly journey to better know, love and serve God, beginning today."

Other Praise for Questions for God:
“Spend quality quiet time together with your young children. In a day, we have 1440 minutes available: we can find 10-15 minutes for our child — it is called time management. Outstanding athletes have one thing in common they must do: repetition, repetition, repetition. God bless you and your family that our Lord will give you the desire to invest the quality time each day with your firstborn child and all the others to follow.” --Deacon Roger B. Olds, Sr., husband of Peggy Olds, author of Q4G, VirTru Powers LLC

“Questions for God communicates satisfying and complete answers to the amazing questions of children regarding the Faith. The format is family-friendly and teacher-friendly. It connects with children’s natural curiosity, beautifully feeds their imagination, and fills their hearts.” --Gladys Davis, Principal, Embers Elementary School, Park Ridge, IL

“We change the world through our children.” --Pat Hilton

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Questions for God
  • Ep. 1 - God, Who Are You?

    Episode 1

    One God, the supreme being, is introduced. Three persons in the one God are defined and their individual role in our salvation is explained.

  • Ep. 2 - God, Who are the Angels?

    Episode 2

    God created the angels and some chose disobedience and are driven from Heaven. St. Michael’s role as protector and the Guardian Angels are introduced.

  • Ep. 3 - God, Tell Me about Creation?

    Episode 3

    The story of creation is told in children’ terms with beautiful illustrations of God’s world. The fall is presented and God’s plan to save us.

  • Ep. 4 - God, How Did you Plan to Save Us?

    Episode 4

    Salvation history continues through the flood and Abraham’s selection as the father of the Chosen People.

  • Ep. 5 - God, Who Told Us About Your Plan for Salvation?

    Episode 5

    God gives Moses the 10 commandments and continues to spread His message through the prophets.

  • Ep. 6 - God, Who is the Messiah?

    Episode 6

    The Annunciation, The Visitation of Elizabeth, and the Birth of Jesus and his baptism by John who begins telling the story of the Messiah.

  • Ep. 7 - God, Who Did Jesus Save Us?

    Episode 7

    Jesus assembled his disciples and worked many mysteries. After Jesus is crucified and resurrected, He opens the Gates of Heaven. The souls of the faithful are taken to Heaven.

  • Ep. 8 - God, How Did You Begin Our Church?

    Episode 8

    Following the resurrection, Jesus remains on earth for 40 days, commissioning his apostles to preach his gospel. On Pentecost the Church is born and the hierarchy of the Church is traced from the apostles to today’s clergy.

  • Ep. 9 - God, Does Jesus Keep Helping Us?

    Episode 9

    The sacraments are explained in both their institution by Jesus and their present day application.

  • Ep. 10 - God, When Will We be with You?

    Episode 10

    The subject of judgment is sensitively explained. Purgatory is introduced and the concept of free will choices. God’s desire to have all of His children with Him is stressed.

  • Book-01-of-10---GOD,-Who-Are-You-English.pdf

    32.8 MB

    One God, the supreme being, is introduced. Three persons in the one God are defined and their individual role in our salvation is explained.

  • Book-01-of-10---GOD,-Who-Are-You-.epub

    9.68 MB

    One God, the supreme being, is introduced. Three persons in the one God are defined and their individual role in our salvation is explained.