The Search Begins - Own the Full Series

The Search Begins - Own the Full Series

INCLUDES BONUS FEATURES & DISCUSSION GUIDE - This 7-episode series hosted by Chris Stefanick explores the deepest questions of the human heart—Why am I here? What's life all about? What happens when we die?—and guides you through the great big story of everything, as astrophysicists, psychologists, neuroscientists, artists, chemists and professors point to one big (surprising) conclusion: Jesus Christ, and the Catholic Church. What do you seek?

The Search Begins - Own the Full Series

8 Videos

  • The Search // Episode 1 // What Do You Seek?

    In our very first episode, we open hearts with a look at the question “what do you seek?” What is that deep longing in our hearts all about? We’re all living for something, and we all strive for that something out there that is ultimately going to make us happy. But what is it? For some, this que...

  • The Search // Episode 2 // Who Are You?

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    To find clues as to the meaning of life, we first look at ourselves. Who am I? Is there more to me than matter?Is there more to us than meets the eye? We talk with ne...

  • The Search // Episode 3 // Why a God?

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    Today we seem to think we’ve moved beyond the idea of God, but this secular view of life is a very new and unusual idea to humanity. All through human history man has looked to something outside h...

  • TheSearch // EP04 // Whats our Story?

    Your life is a story. And it’s caught up in the great story of humanity. This great story, as we see it in the Scriptures, shows ust he amazing love story that is God’s pursuit of man. The God that is love created so we can ultimately be with his love. We were made to be with God. Union with God ...

  • The Search // Episode 5 // Who is Jesus?

  • The Search // Episode 6 // Am I Saved?

  • The Search // Episode 7 // Why a Church?

  • After The Search // Episode 1 // What Do You Seek?

    Join Tim Gray and Chris Stefanick as they explore the themes of 'The Search' in 'After the Search'

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