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  • Episode 138: Don't Fumble the Bag

    Episode 1

    "The gift of Advent is God proposing himself to us.

    He comes not just to command us to do something and watch from a far. He comes to sing with us, dance with us, BE with us.

    With that said, it would be tragic if the Lord comes knocking in our door and we don't open it—that we miss Emmanuel, Go...

  • Episode 137: Gentle But Uncompromising

    Episode 2

    "Sometimes we lose hope, wondering, does He really want to come and be with us in our sickness, addiction, our family brokenness, our difficulty, our struggles, or anxieties?

    Advent is a time that God speaks a definitive word into our exiles, ""Yes, I do""—He comes and desires to be with us.


  • Episode 136: Step One

    Episode 3

    "Jesus not only loves us—He thirsts for us.

    Why does He say ""I thirst""? What does it mean? It's something so hard to explain in words. I thirst is something much deeper than Jesus just saying, ""I love you"".

    Mother Teresa tells us how much love Jesus has for each of us—beyond all that we ca...

  • Episode 135: Little But Infinite

    Episode 4

    "Sometimes, we may feel that we are only able do the little things — that what we do is insignificant. Things may seem so small, but in reality no matter how little or insignificant something may seem, nothing is little. It’s because God makes them and because He makes them, they are great and in...

  • Episode 134: The Ecstasy Episode

    Episode 5

    "Could you imagine being woken up in the middle of the night because of a great desire to be with someone? For Mother Teresa, it was her desire to be with Jesus. She had a deep, supernatural union with God that gave her the experience of divinely-inspired thirst for Him. A living relationship wit...

  • Episode 133: Our Holy Aunt

    Episode 6

    As we mentioned on our previous episode, we need to be in this place where we are able to both worship and adore Jesus and at the same time be in relationship with Him and our neighbor with compassion and warmth. This episode talks about an exceptional example of that – Mother Teresa of Calcutta....

  • Episode 132: Worship and Warmth

    Episode 7

    """In our faith we sometimes find ourselves in the extremes. We become either strict and liturgical or warm and casual but the truth is our faith should not be either/or but both/and.

    We need to be in this place where we are able to both worship and adore the Lord and at the same time be in rela...

  • Episode 131: We Speak Praise

    Episode 8

    We allow our hearts to agree with the truth of who God is — that’s what adoration means. And as we become more familiar with the truth who God is through adoration, we start to see more clearly who God is to us and what is given to us by Him. Everything that we have is a gift from God and for mos...

  • Episode 130: Prayer Battle Tactics

    Episode 9

    There’s great wisdom to having some structure or intentionality to our prayer life because not having a plan for it can lead to the death of it. The truth is, killing your prayer or spiritual life is not only limited to doing violence to it, but also not nourishing it. There might be a lot of rea...

  • Episode 129: Stay Where the Grace Is

    Episode 10

    Life is difficult — our life is a valley of tears. And the ability to remain in faith, hope, and love with God as Father is impossible if we do it ourselves. If we want to be able to experience God’s closeness and his presence and to cry out “Abba, Father” in the midst of our darkness, difficulti...

  • Episode 128: The Me in “Our” Father

    Episode 11

    There is no denying that there can be many circumstances to dismiss fatherhood, both from our earthly and our Heavenly Father. But despite what we’ve experienced, God is your Father and my Father who intently listens and cares for us — a Father who delights in his sons and daughters.

    We all need...

  • Episode 127: Define the Relationship

    Episode 12

    "Being in relationship with God looks like we’re sitting down in front of a big table with Him, and what a deeper conversion and deeper healing means is that we are willing to be at this table and we are willing to lay out everything here for the Lord to see. He sits us down and He wants all our ...

  • Episode 126: Authentically Awesome

    Episode 13

    "When we were kids, we were usually amazed and awed about something that was new, grand or magnificent, but as we grew older we became more indifferent towards those things. As Christians and Catholics, we are in love and fascinated with Jesus. But as we’ve sat with the Lord for longer periods of...

  • Episode 125: Heaven Within

    Episode 14

    "Life and circumstances are undeniably hard, but we are not alone in this. The beautiful reality is that even when we leave prayer and go into the world, we may leave God but He never does. God is still always with us — within us.

    Knowing that the Lord is dwelling within us, it does change how w...

  • Episode 124: Dryness in Prayer

    Episode 15

    "Probably the most important relationship in our life is our relationship with God, and we are building that through prayer. Prayer is real — it’s for everyone, but we know that prayer is not always easy. Sometimes it can even be really hard.

    Growing in relationship with God is a journey, there ...

  • Episode 123: Sons of the Church

    Episode 16

    "Obedience is rooted in God, it is lived trust and lived surrender in His pastoring and fatherhood – that’s where we want to be. It can be really difficult but as sons and daughters of the church we are invited to stay in obedience, not only to our religious superiors but ultimately to God. We ne...

  • Episode 122: Hot Takes 2

    Episode 17

    "As we go through life we encounter our own and other people’s struggles, flaws, weaknesses and even sins. But we have to understand that we are going through different journeys. God is doing something completely different in each of our lives and we have to be attentive to that. Let us not be so...

  • Episode 121: A Really Good Episode

    Episode 18

    "Because of fear and insecurity that is ruling our life, we tend to control everything and self-protect. We look inward and we really don’t see what God is doing—we don’t really trust anyone around us. We don’t have to be afraid anymore. There will be pain and suffering on our healing journey and...

  • Episode 120: No More Self-Protection

    Episode 19

    The brokenness that is present in our culture deforms us. We have been taught a certain way of living that somehow cultivated the sins of self-reliance, self-protection, fear and insecurities. Because we’re afraid of being weak or being poor and failing, we put up walls and put on armors to prote...

  • Episode 119: Rethink Growth

    Episode 20

    One might often think that growth is gonna happen in a particular way that we usually perceive as a huge experience or something flashy, but growth might actually look different. What does the Lord want to teach us and how does He teach us these things? We don’t grow by having everything altogeth...

  • Episode 118: Learning to be Loved

    Episode 21

    There is the undeniable temptation to achieve and perform in order prove that we are good enough. But, it shouldn’t be all about that. We are gifts to the Lord not because of our perfection but only because of who we are. We can get caught up in the little things that we do and detach them from t...

  • Episode 117: Finding Peace in Chaos

    Episode 22

    There’s a lot happening in the world we live in, and nothing much we can do about it. During this difficult time we need to pay attention to the Lord—to be immersed in the mystery of God, his goodness and his mercy.

    It’s good to understand what is and what’s not in our circle of influence even t...

  • Episode 116: Give It to God

    Episode 23

    We can’t do anything more to earn God’s love, we have it already! We can be weak, we can be poor, and we can be sinners — and that’s okay. We can bring all that to the Lord and that’s where we start. Jesus doesn’t want us to give him the good things alone, but the bad things as well. What the Lor...

  • Episode 115: Prayer: Pure and Simple

    Episode 24

    What does a good prayer look like? We don’t know. Everyone has the freedom on how they pray. But thinking about God, reading a book about God and just saying words about God is not praying. Praying is the relationship that brings us in to a conscious living contact with God himself. Everything is...