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  • Episode 199: Lent is About Jesus (Ash Wednesday)

    Episode 1

    Series on The Ascension Lenten Companion by Fr. Mark Toups (Part 1)

    What does Jesus desire for you and Him this Lent?

    The temptation during Lent is to make the Lenten journey about us, we can do hard things during Lent that are fueled by our own desires and distractions but Lent isn't supposed ...

  • Episode 198: Remember like Mary

    Episode 2

    Series on "Mary and the Interior Life" by Fr. Jeremiah Shryock (Part 3)

    Do you remember Jesus and what he did?

    The most consistent word Mary had spoken to Fr. Jeremiah, was "remember". When we don't know what to do or how to act, Mary tells us to remember her son, Jesus' actions, that was the c...

  • Episode 197: Marian Posture

    Episode 3

    Series on "Mary and the Interior Life" by Fr. Jeremiah Shryock (Part 2)

    Is your prayer and your life two separate realities?

    Mary gives us a ton of hope that the grace of God and the Holy Spirit meet us in reality.

    The Marian posture at the core of it is about the reality of the fullness of Go...

  • Episode 196: Mary: A Real Mom

    Episode 4

    Series on "Mary and the Interior Life" by Fr. Jeremiah Shryock (Part 1)

    How important is Mary, Our Lady, in your spiritual life?

    Our Lady is a real woman, a real mother to all of us and Mary's intercession is actually more real than we realize.

    The gift of Our Lady is that she looks upon us, s...

  • Episode 195: Hope is Personal

    Episode 5

    Do you actually believe and have hope that prayer does something?

    Doing things over and over again can lose the awe and wonder of what's going on in our prayer life. There can come a point when we're no longer coming to prayer expecting to hear God's voice or expecting anything at all.

    This res...

  • Episode 194: The Sweet Way of Love

    Episode 6

    How much focused are you toward yourself?

    There can be times when we struggle with perfectionism, control, and activism, and this can sometimes rub off on our spiritual life.

    Jesus does not demand great actions from us; rather, the invitation is simply to live in surrender and gratitude to Him....

  • Episode 193: C'est la confiance

    Episode 7

    Are you worried for 2024?

    Worry is a lack of confidence and we can be worried about a lot of stuff.

    The invitation from St. Therese and from our Lord is to have confidence in Him. We who run in the way of love shouldn't be thinking of suffering that can take place in the future. That's a lack o...

  • Episode 192: End of Year Identity Check

    Episode 8

    What was Jesus like for you this year?

    As we end the year, let's do a poverty and identity check and put Jesus in the center as we look back to this past year and look forward to the coming year

    For this episode, a proposal to reflect on where Jesus have been, how He has been with you, how He l...

  • Episode 191: Little Like Mary

    Episode 9

    Series on "Prepare Your Heart" by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR. (Part 4)

    How often do you say Yes, without understanding or knowing the outcome?
    Sometimes we have to see and understand the plan before we say Yes, that's not our Lady's experience.

    She didn't understand but she knew what was proposed...

  • Episode 190: Good St. Joseph

    Episode 10

    Series on "Prepare Your Heart" by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR. (Part 3)

    What's the best thing you learned from St. Joseph?

    Advent teaches us that God has a different way of doing things and St. Joseph is an amazing example and witness of that.

    Throughout his life, St. Joseph should've had the opp...

  • Episode 189: God is Working

    Episode 11

    Series on "Prepare Your Heart" by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR. (Part 2)

    With what's currently happening in the world, can you believe that God is working??

    As exemplified by St. Juan Diego, during this Advent and throughout the year, we are invited to live in relationship with the Lord through Mar...

  • Episode 188: Learning from Nazareth (Advent 2023)

    Episode 12

    Series on "Prepare Your Heart" by Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR. (Part 1)

    What does Nazareth look like for you and how does it compare to how you encounter Advent?

    Nazareth is a place where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph lived—a place of beauty, simplicity, and stillness. Meanwhile, Advent is a season of p...

  • Episode 187: Living Life not Checking Boxes

    Episode 13

    What is driving your life? What's the reason you do what you do?

    Life can sometimes become a series of boxes to check-we can tend to do things because we should or we have to as opposed to actually living life and doing things because our hearts want to.

    What we are proposing in this episode is...

  • Episode 186: Guidance for the Prophet

    Episode 14

    Have you encountered prophets in your life?

    Prophets are people who have a profound conviction and clarity about a
    particular component of the faith and those who practice it. Being a prophet is not about opinions, it is an experience or power that you have, given by God to be a prophetic witne...

  • Episode 185: Hunger for God

    Episode 15

    Are you HUNGRY for God?

    One of the foundational struggles that we have is that we're just not hungry for Him.

    Part of the path, if not the path, is we're going to have to experience this hunger. A "stepping away" from the noise, distractions, and self-reliance and entering into a place of vulne...

  • Episode 184: (Contemplative) Gains Don't Sleep

    Episode 16

    How can we live and create a space for contemplation, for silence, to be able to hear the voice of God in our lives?

    God is always there. He's always giving himself to us and always longing to speak to us, but living in the constant influx of noise and immediate gratification profoundly affects ...

  • Episode 183: Contemplative Spaces

    Episode 17

    What stands in your way to go deeper with the Lord?

    We believe that growing in silence and our ability to contemplate is of supreme importance, but to actually respond to that is undoubtedly gonna be very very hard as well. So, how do we do this practically?

    Today, we're going to talk about how...

  • Episode 182: Receiving Mary's Hospitality

    Episode 18

    Do you wonder about Mary's firsthand memory or experience of God?

    We can relive Mary's memory and experience of God through the rosary. Rosary is like experiencing God with Mary—in her heart, her hospitability.

    Mary is the most perfect Christian, the most perfect woman who's all about Jesus, an...

  • Episode 181: The Asceticism of Silence

    Episode 19

    Series on Silence Vs. Noise (Part 2 of 2)

    What's the most prevalent voice that you hear in your life? Is it God's or someone's/something else?

    We long to teach people how to pray and contemplative silence, inner recollection, and interior stillness are ways we can live in a relationship with Go...

  • Episode 180: The Battle

    Episode 20

    Series on Silence Vs. Noise (Part 1 of 2)

    How are you able to receive and communicate with God?

    Silence is the divine language. God, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit love and communicate in eternal silence and if we want to look at and learn about God, we have to let ourselves be moved by that....

  • Episode 179: Pray Always

    Episode 21

    Do you set a time in the day to pray? Do you stay in relationship with the Lord throughout the day?

    Turns out, we should be doing both! We have an opportunity and even an invitation to remain in this relationship with the Lord throughout our day.

    But to be able to do that, we have to make praye...

  • Episode 178: Perseverance Not Pretty

    Episode 22

    Do you think God is calling us to be perfect or just to be pretty? Personally, I think not.

    I believe what we're called to is not pretty or perfection but perseverance.
    Sometimes it's much easier to have a very happy-looking social media feed than to have a happy heart and home in reality. But w...

  • Episode 177: Gratitude vs Greed

    Episode 23

    A person who lives in a place of gratitude usually focuses on what they have.

    On the other hand, the person who struggles with greed and lives in that place usually focuses on what they don't have.

    Both can have or do not have the EXACT same thing but one person can have an experience of fulln...

  • Episode 176: Make a Home

    Episode 24

    What is the place of HOME?

    It's a place where we are safe, loved, known, and seen—a place where we are well-received and can be ourselves.

    Brokeness may significantly affect our experience of home but ideally home is a place of joy and laughter, a place of communion.

    In this episode, we'll tal...