Watch this video and more on FORMED

Watch this video and more on FORMED

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time—February 11, 2018

Episode 11 • 6m 19s

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  • 1st Sunday of Lent—February 18, 2018

    In her wisdom, the Church gives us this reading at the beginning of Lent because Jesus is giving us an example of what the season of Lent is meant to be for us. Lent is a time to remember the reality of our life on earth. In the way that Lent prepares us for Easter, our life on earth is meant to ...

  • 2nd Sunday of Lent—February 25, 2018

    If you have ever been hiking in the mountains, you'll know what a false summit is: when you reach a peak that appeared to be the pinnacle of the mountain but see that the true summit is even higher. False summits can cause hikers to give up, despairing of ever reaching their goal.
    This experienc...

  • 3rd Sunday of Lent—March 4, 2018

    Today's readings are the midway point in our Lenten journey, focusing on the relationship between God's laws and the state of man's heart. The First Reading begins with words many of us have heard frequently throughout our lives—the Ten Commandments. Before giving all of the Commandments, God pro...