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20th Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year B)

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    The word "Christian" literally translates to mean "follower of Christ". That means we are followers of Christ, but many of us have probably not ever thought about what it actually means to follow him. Maybe we never even consciously decided to follow him, but we have always gone to Church because...

  • 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B)

    God desires our whole hearts, not simply our actions. We can do good acts but still keep our hearts far from him. But if we lift up our hearts, the power of Jesus' resurrection can transform us overtime to actually become more like him. Then our actions will flow seamlessly from who we are in our...

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    When was the last time you were so sick you had to rely on a family member or friend to help get you to the doctor? Sometimes, we aren't able to get the healing we need on our own. We need someone else to bring us. Today we will read about a man who was brought to Jesus, and how grateful he must ...