Me and My House

Me and My House

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Me & My House is a practical game plan for Catholic parents who are struggling with all the things that parents struggle with. We challenge you to do little things. To make little changes that will make a huge impact on your family.
In this Catholic Parenting Program, you will discover the foundations that can strengthen your motherhood and fatherhood. You will learn the habits that can make parenting easier, and the habits that you absolutely want to avoid. In fact, we will get so practical that we'll discuss discipline and how to set boundaries, so that by the end of the program you will have a very clear sense of how you want to build your unique family culture with the children God has given you.
We have also included an entire section on the Faith, so that you can begin guiding your son or daughter towards God's plan for their lives in a way that is natural and effective. Our host, Patrick Sullivan holds degrees in Literature, Education, and Theology. His talks have been aired on Shalom World Television and EWTN, and he travels internationally to lead seminars and conferences on Catholic parenting. Patrick is married to the love of his life, Kyla, and is the proud father of 9 children, one of whom is praying for him from heaven.
The program runtime is approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes

Me and My House
  • Introduction to the Game Plan

    A quick overview of the course to get you started!

  • Introduction to the Module

    A quick introduction to Module 1 to get you started!

  • Salvation Begins in the Home

    The image of the family is right at the center of God's redemptive story. In the Old Testament, God spends much time calling and wooing His people home. In this lesson, Patrick highlights that truth while encouraging us to seek greatness in and among what seems mundane and ordinary.

  • The Order of Things

    When life gets complicated and situations get difficult, we need to depend on something to provide stability. In this lesson, Patrick explains why looking to God first is the answer. Building a strong relationship with God provides the solid foundation for spouses to support one another and their...

  • The Mystery of Your Spouse as Mom or Dad

    In this lesson, Patrick reflects on the beauty of motherhood and fatherhood and how that edifies the home. Reflecting on our spouse's parenthood and how they live it can greatly enrich the marital bond and the couple's appreciation of each other.

  • Cultivating Your Sanctuary

    Our homes are churches "in miniature," domestic churches, or sanctuaries that serve a higher purpose than just being a shelter in which to raise our families. They should be a haven of love and peace, and in them all should feel safe and encouraged to grow in holiness.

  • Fighting for Silence

    Although storms are unavoidable, it is the way that you deal with them that is going to make all of the difference. Running away from problems or giving up is never an option for parents. With God's help and with His promises, the greatest obstacles can be overcome if we do our part and find ways...

  • Building Your Family Culture

    Every family has a culture, whether it is spoken or unspoken. This lesson helps parents identify their dream for their family and take steps to actualize it. This includes deciding that peace and joy are possible, and deciding that others parenting "out there" is not going to affect your first de...

  • Evangelizing in and with the Family

    For those of us who grew up Catholic, catechesis was most likely our predominant experience of the Church. We were taught doctrinal truths, the importance of the Sacraments, and the stories of Scripture. Today, the work of evangelization, the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ, is more...

  • Whose Child Are You?

    In this final lesson of Module 1, our host encourages parents to understand their children through five unique lenses. These lenses are the ways that parents can discover the unique identity of each of their children and how to best parent them in multiple areas of their lives. By keeping these f...