Made for Love Podcast

Made for Love Podcast

6 Episodes

Real people living out the call to love as Catholics.

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Made for Love Podcast
  • Baptism Role Reversal

    Episode 1

    Usually, parents baptize their children. They dress them up in beautiful white gowns, invite friends and family, and promise to teach their children about God. But sometimes, God reaches the child first, and the child brings the parents along. The first episode of Made for Love features Bishop Ja...

  • Complementarity: Not Two Halves but Two Wholes

    Episode 2

    Sexual complementarity does not mean that men and women are half a person walking around looking for their other half (sorry, Plato). This episode explores complementarity with stories from Pat and Elisa Fleming, Andy Lichtenwalner, Deborah Savage, and Mark and Katie Hartfiel.

  • Love and Adoption

    Episode 3

    Kate was pregnant and in shock. Deborah, Elizabeth, Bethany, and their respective husbands, all felt an ache that their arms were empty after years of hoping for a child. This episode highlights the gift of adoption and its complexity in real life.

  • When Love is Fruitful in Infertility

    Episode 4

    Infertility is a reality for thousands of Catholic women (and men, too). On this episode of Made for Love: how married couples face the cross of infertility together, and find love through it. Sara and Tom Faenhle, Chris and Emily (nee Stimpson) Chapman, Jen and Mark Crowley, and Connie Poulos ar...

  • Real Marriage v. the Ideal

    Episode 5

    The Murphys, Dawsons, and Stouts all thought that because they studied theology, they would be really good at this marriage thing. But knowing the Theology of the Body, while that knowledge is certainly a gift, does not mean your marriage will be easy. The messiness and difficulty of marriage is ...

  • When Love Means Leaving (Domestic Abuse)

    Episode 6

    Domestic violence is a tragic reality in families today. The bishops issued a statement on domestic violence over 20 years ago ("When I Call for Help"), but many people do not know what the Church's teaching is. Some people mistakenly believe that they must stay in an abusive situation. This epis...