Watch this video and more on FORMED

Watch this video and more on FORMED

Up Next in Life in Christ

  • Partnership in the Gospel

    In this session, we will explore Paul's circumstances as he writes this letter under house arrest in Rome. We will also look more closely at the relationship between Paul and the Philippians, what Paul describes as their koinonia, or "partnership." This partnership, with its risks and its rewards...

  • Friendship in Christ

    In this session, Paul reveals how he is able to joyfully share the Gospel despite his imprisonment. He echoes the Old Testament figure of Job, who also suffered despite his innocence and yet believed in his ultimate vindication. Paul then artfully reworks the Greco-Roman ideals of friendship and ...

  • The Mind of Christ

    After Paul exhorts the Philippians to live out friendship in Christ, he gives them a blueprint for exactly how to do so. St. Paul wants the Philippians to have the mind of Christ, and he paints a beautiful picture of what this means—a life lived out in humble obedience, emptying oneself for other...