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Watch this video and more on FORMED

Lectio: Mark - The Way of Discipleship


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  • Lectio: Mark - Jesus and the Temple

    As the final week before his Passion begins, Jesus has stern warnings for those who would oppose God by rejecting his beloved Son. Will we also reject his words, or will we heed the call to be faithful by rendering unto God the things that are God's?

  • Lectio: Mark - Signs of the End

    The Temple in Jerusalem was God's glorious dwelling with his chosen people, but it was only a house made by human hands. Jesus proclaims a new Temple, not made with hands, that surpasses the stone building in Jerusalem. Jesus gives himself to us and to dwell in our hearts, anticipating the day th...

  • Lectio: Mark - The Servant of the Lord

    In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus's hour finally arrives—the hour of betrayal and suffering, but also the hour of salvation and glory. Christ the King will be falsely accused, mocked, and tortured, but he will ascend the throne of the Cross and draw the whole world into his reign of love.