Lectio: God

Lectio: God

What do we mean when we say “God”?

Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can become obstacles in our relationship with God. Join Augustine Institute Assistant Professor Dr. Elizabeth Klein for a careful study of Scripture that will lead you to a deeper and clearer awareness of who God is, equipping you to share this truth with others.

Starting in the Old Testament, Dr. Klein presents what God says about himself at various points in salvation history, and how he revels to Israel that “the Lord is one” (Deuteronomy 6:4). Moving to the New Testament, Dr. Klein shows how this one God then reveals himself as three. Along the way you’ll get answers to questions such as, How can God be transcendent and personal? If God is one, how can Jesus be God? What does it mean that “God is love” (1 John 4:8)? Why is the doctrine of the trinity the central mystery of our faith when the word “Trinity” never appears in the Bible?

Produced from our state-of-the-art studios, this dynamic program combines an in-depth biblical study with insightful questions, an explanation of common misunderstandings regarding God, and personal reflections that will strengthen your faith in the one true God, who is a communion of three Divine Persons.

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Lectio: God
  • I Am Who I Am | Lectio: God | Episode 1

    What do we mean when we say the word “God”? Who is he? What is he like? Misconceptions about God abound, even among Christians, and these misconceptions can be obstacles in our relationship with God. Through a careful study of Scripture, Dr. Klein leads you to a deeper and clearer awareness of Go...

  • The Lord Our God is One | Lectio: God | Episode 2

    What does it mean to say the Lord is one? Why was this such an important revelation to Israel, and why is it important for us today? In this session, you will learn why acknowledging God’s oneness is essential for a proper understanding of him and to grow in your relationship with him.

  • The Likeness of the Glory of the Lord | Lectio: God | Episode 3

    God gave the prophet Ezekiel a vision of his throne room. What did he see? How are you to interpret the familiar images? What is the meaning of their being used in unfamiliar ways? How can the words of the prophet Ezekiel give you a deeper understanding of God and his glory?

  • The Love of God | Lectio: God | Episode 4

    If you had to describe God in one sentence, what would you say? At the top of Mount Sinai, God’s self-disclosure to Moses becomes the most often quoted description of God in the Old Testament. This disclosure captures the heart of who God is and sheds light on his relationship with his people.

  • Who Is Jesus Christ? | Lectio: God | Episode 5

    What is the relationship between the God of Israel and Jesus Christ? How did Jesus’s Apostles come to believe that Jesus is God himself? In this session, you will explore who Jesus Christ is and why his miracles reveal that he is more than just a wonderworker, but he truly is the Word made flesh.

  • One God in Three Persons | Lectio: God | Episode 6

    Is the teaching of the Holy Trinity found in Scripture? How can we affirm that God is one, yet also say that Jesus is God? In this session, you will study passages in the Gospels in which Jesus equates himself with the one God of Israel, and will look at how the Apostle Paul understands the divin...

  • I and the Father Are One | Lectio: God | Episode 7

    If God has revealed himself to be transcendent and high above all creation, does his coming in the flesh somehow decrease his magnificence? In this session, you will discover how God’s glory, witnessed by so many in the Old Testament, can be made manifest in human flesh without being diminished a...

  • God Is Love | Lectio: God | Episode 8

    Why is the mystery of the Holy Trinity considered the central mystery of the Christian faith? Why is it important to make it your life’s work to contemplate and appreciate this profound revelation? In this session, you will see how the love of God and the perfect unity of Father, Son, and Holy Sp...

  • Question and Answer | Lectio: God | Episode 9

    In this session, Dr. Klein takes numerous questions from the studio audience regarding the material covered over the course of this Lectio study.