Kapaun’s Men Stewardship Series (Series Two)

Kapaun’s Men Stewardship Series (Series Two)

10 Episodes

Want to have an extraordinary life? In this second video series, Kapaun's Men examines how the concept of Stewardship helps us recognize the unique set of gifts God has given to each of us and how to use those gifts well. By focusing on Hospitality, Prayer, Formation and Service, this 10-part series helps us live as a gift to others and leave behind a legacy for our family, friends, and the world. As our model, Father Emil Kapaun, taught, "God gave us our gifts, not for our own glory or pride, but that we might use them for God's greater honor and glory. Use your gifts to help your fellow man as much as you can." (10 Sessions)
Please Note: This series is intended to follow the Kapaun’s Men Virtue Series, which introduces you to the life and virtues of Servant of God Emil Kapaun. You may also wish to view the Kapaun’s Men Beatitude Series.

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Kapaun’s Men Stewardship Series (Series Two)
  • Introduction to the Stewardship Way of Life

    Episode 1

    "As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God's varied grace." (1 Peter 4:10). Indeed, everything we have is a gift from God that is given to help us return to heaven. Much more than focusing on money, this video introduces a spirituality of Stewardship tha...

  • Hospitality: Kevin Rathert's Story

    Episode 2

    Through hospitality, the first pillar of Stewardship, we become a visible sign of Christ's love for others. This video shares the story of Kevin Rathert, who was in need of a double-organ transplant due to a rare disease, and how through the generosity of another family he was able to come to kno...

  • Hospitality Continued

    Episode 2

    "You cannot form Stewards if the pews are empty." Father John Lanzrath shares why hospitality is actually the first Pillar of Stewardship because it opens our hearts to receive the Gospel. (6 minutes)

  • Perpetual Adoration

    Episode 3

    Prayer changes things. Bishop Shawn McKnight shares why commitment to the second Pillar of Stewardship, prayer, is necessary for a Christian Disciple, and how Perpetual Adoration allows us an extended moment where we can quiet ourselves down and listen to our Lord. Sign me up! (9 minutes)

  • Prayer Continued

    Episode 4

    Father John Lanzrath and Joe Farris discuss how spending our time in prayer orders the rest of our lives, how Father Kapaun stayed close to the Lord on the battlefield, and how prayer is like going to the gym. (8 minutes)

  • Bishop Carroll Football

    Episode 5

    Christian formation is about equipping us for our eternal destiny: heaven. This story focuses on one football team that seeks to form its players to be great Catholic men, and how one former player in particular made a lasting impact on future players and on the world at large. (15 minutes)

  • Formation Continued

    Episode 6

    Father Lanzrath and Joe Farris explore the importance of brotherhood and the family to formation and our ultimate goal of getting to heaven. Father Kapaun encouraged his men to bond together to keep their hope alive in the Prisoner of War camp. (7 minutes)

  • The Lord's Diner

    Episode 7

    The fourth Pillar of Stewardship is service: an outward response to the gifts we have received from the Lord. This session shares the beautiful story of how The Lord's Diner not only provides food for those who are hungry, but also an opportunity for men and women to put this Pillar into action. ...

  • Service Continued

    Episode 8

    More than a service project, this Pillar of Stewardship calls us to a deeper transformation of heart. Father Lanzrath and Joe Farris discuss how we can help develop a heart for service and servant leadership. (8 minutes)

  • A Way of Life

    Episode 9

    Stewardship is not a program that has a beginning and an end. Instead it is an ongoing conversion of heart by which we recognize that everything we have is a gift given to us by God. This session reviews the four Pillars of Stewardship and how they can lead us on to our ultimate goal: heaven. (7 ...

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