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Episode 5: The Ark of the New Covenant

Episode 5 • 25m

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  • Episode 6: Born of a Virgin

    In this lesson we're going to talk about dogmas. In particular, we're going to focus on the dogma of Mary's perpetual virginity, one of the oldest defined dogmas of the Church. We're also going to deal with the common claims that Jesus had brothers and that Joseph and Mary had marital relations a...

  • Episode 7: The Promised Mother

    In this session, we're going to examine the role played by the queen mothers of the Davidic Kingdom in the Old Testament and how they point forward to Mary's role as Queen Mother. As we're about to see, Mary's queenship is alluded to in Matthew's genealogy, which opens the entire New Testament.

  • Episode 8: Mother Crowned in Glory

    In this session we’re going to discuss Mary’s royal title a little further and then move into another of the Marian dogmas: Mary’s status as Mother of God. For those of us who pray the Rosary, this is a familiar title, though perhaps we’ve never given it much thought. If not, now is the opportunity.