Into Life: Love Changes Everything

Into Life: Love Changes Everything

12 Episodes

Into Life: Love Changes Everything is a free online formation program that includes 12 videos, support materials, and pastoral resources. It is a collaborative effort between the Sisters of Life, the McGrath Institute for Church Life at the University of Notre Dame, and CampCampo Films.

Pro-life isn’t about labels. Pro-life is about people. So much of the conversation about abortion is dominated by misconceptions and political rhetoric. But what if we could take a step back and think about pro-life in a different way? This program invites participants into a new vision of pro-life ministry, one grounded not in slogans, but in authentic relationships, genuine dialogue, and intentional  accompaniment. Rooted in the wisdom of the Sisters of Life, this series introduces participants to new ideas for building a culture of life and solidarity, offers the opportunity for prayer and reflection, and develops and refines skills for accompanying women through an unexpected pregnancy.

Meet the Sisters of Life

The Sisters of Life is a Catholic religious community of women founded in 1991 by John Cardinal O’Connor. Consecrated completely to Jesus, the Lord of Life, they commit themselves to the protection of human life and to the promotion of new life in Christ, acknowledging the sacredness of every person, and sharing the good news of God’s abundant mercy. In this way, they seek to help reveal to each person their own innate goodness, the particular love God has for them, and the call to a life of abundant truth, joy, and hope. Immersed in Eucharistic prayer within a vibrant community life, their missions include caring for vulnerable pregnant women and their unborn children, inviting those wounded by abortion into the healing mercy of Jesus, fostering a culture of life through evangelization, retreat works, spiritual accompaniment of college students, and upholding the beauty of marriage and family life.

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Into Life: Love Changes Everything
  • Summoned to Life: Spiritual Foundations | Into Life

    Episode 1

    In the first video, “Summoned to Life: Spiritual Foundations,” participants explore what it means to be created by God, in his image and likeness. In his goodness, God calls each human person into existence with infinite intention, care, and love. Every human person is a gift. Recognizing the gif...

  • Seeing Reality: The Contemplative Outlook | Into Life

    In this second video, “Seeing Reality: The Contemplative Outlook,” participants are introduced to the idea of cultivating a posture of heart that sees God present in his creation—in the other person, in nature, and in circumstances. It is by receiving reality as a gift that we are able to engage ...

  • This is God's Work: The Power of Prayer | Into Life

    Episode 3

    In the third video, “This is God’s Work: The Power of Prayer,” participants are invited to enter into a relationship of prayer with God, who is love, and to reflect on the reality of prayer as the foundation and cornerstone of a culture of life. Proclaiming and upholding the sanctity of human lif...

  • Vulnerability: An Identity Crisis | Into Life

    Episode 4

    In this fourth video, “Vulnerability: An Identity Crisis,” participants are introduced to the profound vulnerability experienced by a woman who is unexpectedly pregnant. This experience of vulnerability can lead to a deep identity crisis, which can cause a woman to enter into a mode of self-prese...

  • Hope and Fear: Understanding the Heart of a Pregnant Woman | Into Life

    Episode 5

    In the fifth video, participants are invited to more deeply understand the five main fears in the heart of a pregnant woman: (1) I am all alone, (2) I am not enough, (3) It’s all up to me, (4) There is no room for this baby in the heart of the father, (5) There is no room for this baby in the hea...

  • Exodus from Fear: Accompanying Her to Life | Into Life

    Episode 6

    In this sixth video, participants are invited to contemplate the necessary posture of heart one needs to walk with a pregnant woman through her fears. A woman who is struggling with the reality of her pregnancy can often find herself in turmoil, tossed between anxiety and hope. She needs someone ...

  • Rejoicing in Her: Our Disposition of Heart | Into Life

    Episode 7

    In the seventh video, “Rejoicing in Her: Our Disposition of Heart,” participants are invited to explore the three essential dispositions of the heart necessary when speaking with a woman in crisis: prayer, leisure, and delight. It is essential to root ourselves in prayer, and to allow ourselves t...

  • Maternity is Forever: Hope and Healing After Abortion | Into Life

    Episode 8

    In this eighth video, “Maternity is Forever: Hope and Healing After Abortion,” participants are invited to understand the reality of what happens in a woman’s heart after the experience of abortion, and how to approach and gently journey with a woman who has suffered this experience. Although the...

  • Maternity is Forever: Adoption | Into Life

    Episode 9

    In this ninth video, “Maternity is Forever: Adoption,” participants are invited to look at the reality of adoption, and the tremendous discernment, maturity, and strength it requires. Women who typically place their children for adoption fall into three categories: (1) those with a capacity for s...

  • Listening a Person to Life; The Art of Being Present | Into Life

    Episode 10

    In the 10th video, “Listening a Person into Life: The Art of Being Present,” participants explore the power of listening and presence in the work of accompanying another person into life. Listening is a set of skills that demonstrate we understand the thoughts and feelings, from the other person’...

  • Listening a Person to Life: The Art of Listening Well | Into Life

    Episode 12

    In this 11th video, “Listening a Person into Life: How to Listen Well,” participants explore the process of active listening, the five levels of listening, and common barriers to listening. Listening well to another involves intentional body language, silence, and verbal/physical cues that demons...

  • Listening a Person into Life Reflective Listening | Into Life

    Episode 12

    In this 12th and final video, “Listening a Person into Life: Reflective Listening,” participants are invited to understand how to listen reflectively to another person. Reflective listening means giving space for another person to share, and then to briefly state, in our own words, her thoughts a...

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