From Nothing to Cosmos with Fr. Robert Spitzer

From Nothing to Cosmos with Fr. Robert Spitzer

4 Episodes

Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., PhD., dispenses with the contemporary statement, "Science has proven God does not exist," and then goes on to demonstrate God's existence from science, philosophy, medicine, the transcendentals, and metaphysical proofs.
Fr. Spitzer is at once, entertaining and overflowing with pertinent information.

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From Nothing to Cosmos with Fr. Robert Spitzer
  • Science

    Episode 1

    Has science really proven God does not exist? We will show why science cannot disprove God but can (and does) provide an unlimited amount of evidence for his existence. Fr. Spitzer tells us, "There has never been a better time for finding scientific evidence pointing to God." The three chapters i...

  • More Science

    Episode 2

    The three chapters in this episode will dig a little deeper into the importance of the BVG Theorem (Ch 1), show proof of a beginning from entropy (Ch 2), and examine the odds of our universal constants being exactly what they are (Ch 3). In the end, we see that the odds of us existing by accident...

  • Responses & the Soul

    Episode 3

    After looking at multiverses as a possible way to avoid the need for a beginning (which indicates a Creator) (Ch 1), we respond to two atheist objections to supernatural design (Ch 2). We follow that with a metaphysical explanation for a Creator and respond to a Richard Dawkins's assertion (Ch 3)...

  • Transcendence, Atheism, the Bible, & Evolution

    Episode 4

    The final five chapters begin with a continuation of the examination of near death experiences (NDEs) (Ch 1), and then we delve into the evidence of a soul from the five transcendental desires (Ch 2). Chapter 3 summarizes the evidence of a Creator and soul and responds to the question of why athe...

  • From Nothing to Cosmos Workbook

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