4 Episodes

A Four Part Video Series for Thriving in Parenting, by Families of Character
You were never meant to do this parent thing alone. With the help of theological scholars, psychologists, and educators, discover what it means to parent with God; how to unlock each family member's uniqueness; and how to learn to love and be loved.
Jake and Heather are two ordinary parents navigating the adventure of parenting. They host four short episodes where they share information with you to help take your parenting from surviving to thriving.

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  • Episode 1-Nature

    Episode 1

    We will all have to face that day when our kids are no longer under our supervision. How can we be sure at that moment that our kids are equipped with everything they need to make good decisions and succeed in the future? To start answering that question, we first consider what it means t...

  • Episode 2-Nurture

    Episode 2

    Environments can have an amazing influence on shaping the character of our children. The good news is that simple adjustments to these environments can have a phenomenal impact on the future. Exploring the tangible ways to enhance our environments can help us on our journey to thriving. ...

  • Episode 3-Roots

    Episode 3

    Each of us has a personal narrative built on our unique life experiences. These narratives often shape how we parent and influence our expectations for the family. As the family comes together, we each bring unique experiences that contribute to how the family operates. This is especially ...

  • Episode 4-Virtue

    Episode 4

    Our greatest hope as parents is for our kids to grow up to become the best version of themselves. But what does that mean and how can we lead them there? There is no list of rules that can drive us to become the best version of ourselves, but we can offer a roadmap. Here we learn what it ...