Faith & Culture Podcast with Joseph Pearce

Faith & Culture Podcast with Joseph Pearce

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Why "faith and culture"? Do they go together? Can they be separated? Can one exist without the other? The Augustine Institute's Faith & Culture initiative explores these questions and more through its journal and weekly podcast.

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Faith & Culture Podcast with Joseph Pearce
  • A Mind at Peace with Dr. Christopher Blum

    Episode 1

    Joseph Pearce and Dr. Christopher Blum discuss the new book, A Mind at Peace:Reclaiming an Ordered Soul in an Age of Distraction written by Christopher Blum and Joshua Hochschild. The book addresses our technologically advanced society and how to regain your inner peace.

  • Measure for Measure with Dr. Christopher Blum

    Episode 2

    Joseph Pearce and Dr. Christopher Blum discuss Shakespeare's lesser known, yet rich play "Measure for Measure". The title is taken from the gospels:"The measure from which you measure should be measured back to you." Listen in on their discussion about the marriage of justice and mercy.

  • Saint Thomas Aquinas with Randall Smith

    Episode 3

    Dr. Christopher Blum and guest, Professor Randall B. Smith from the University of Saint Thomas, Houston, discuss Professor Smith's studies of the lesser-known writings of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

  • Real Life Catholic with Chris Stefanick

    Episode 4

    Joseph Pearce and Chris Stefanick discuss the adventures he's had filming his EWTN series, Real Life Catholic.

  • Belloc and Dawson with Jared Staudt

    Episode 5

    Jared Staudt and Joseph Pearce discuss history and education in the light of the works and words of Hilaire Belloc and Christopher Dawson.

  • Hope Springs with Paul McCusker

    Episode 6

    Paul McCusker in discussion with Joseph Pearce about his new series of published stories, set in the fictional town of Hope Springs.

  • Storytelling with Paul McCusker

    Episode 7

    Paul McCusker and Joseph Pearce discuss the art of storytelling and delve into Paul's career and the audio dramas he has written for the Augustine Institute.

  • Storytelling (Continued) with Paul McCusker

    Episode 8

    Joseph Pearce and Paul McCusker continue their discussion of the art of storytelling.

  • Journey in Faith with Michael Barber

    Episode 9

    Michael Barber explains to Joseph Pearce how the reading of Scripture led him further up and further in with regard to his practice of the faith.

  • Michael Barber on the Other Side of the Mic with Joseph Pearce

    Episode 10

    Michael Barber talks with Joseph Pearce about Joseph's journey to Catholicism after being raised in a very anti-Catholic household.

  • The Church and the Internet with Kevin Knight

    Episode 11

    Joseph Pearce talks with Kevin Knight, founder of New Advent, about his pioneering work as a Catholic evangelist on the world wide web.

  • Remembering Solzhenitsyn with Dr. Christopher Blum

    Episode 12

    Dr. Christopher Blum hosts and interviews Joseph Pearce on noted Russian author, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who served in the Soviet Army during World War II, spent 7 years in the Gulag, and went on to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1970.

  • Speaking on Tolkien with Chris Stefanick

    Episode 13

    Joseph Pearce and Chris Stefanick, founder of Real Life Catholic, discuss J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books, and how they relate to Catholicism.

  • The Confessions of St. Augustine with Dr. John Sehorn

    Episode 14

    Joseph Pearce and Dr. John Sehorn discuss the history of Saint Augustine, his works, and the impact of this great saint and doctor of the Church.

  • Christopher Dawson & Understanding History with Jared Staudt

    Episode 15

    Joseph Pearce and Jared Staudt discuss history through the eyes of the great historian and convert to the Faith, Christopher Dawson.