Extraordinary Stories for Children

Extraordinary Stories for Children

11 Episodes

Stories about Blessed Solanus Casey for Children

The series features eleven different stories that introduce children to this humble priest's spirituality and ministry. Each segment features a child who tells a fascinating and true story about Blessed Solanus. Children as young as five and adults of all ages will enjoy these colorful, engaging videos. As the story unfolds, another child colors a large drawing that is eventually revealed to be a colorful illustration of the segment.

The film was written and produced by veteran Michigan filmmakers Dr. Stan and Pam Williams under their SWC Films banner and was directed principally by Kelly Nieto, the creator of The Cross and the Light stage musical. The original orchestral score was created by Royal Oak, Michigan composer James Stonehouse. Famed Catholic illustrator and graphic novel artist, Sean Lam, created the drawings.

Although ordained a priest, Blessed Solanus Casey never received permission to hear confessions or preach a sermon. He celebrated the Eucharist each day and carried on his apostolic work not in a pulpit or confessional, but in a tiny office. He was the friary doorkeeper whom people by the thousands visited, seeking counsel and spiritual guidance. Blessed Solanus spent his life in the service of people. He was always ready to listen to anyone at any time, day or night. He faithfully served the people by providing soup for the hungry, kind words for the troubled, and a healing touch for the ill. Because of his holiness, St. John Paul II declared him Venerable in 1995. Venerable Solanus was elevated to Blessed November 18, 2017 at Ford Field, Detroit, witnessed by 60,000. His feast day is July 30.

Extraordinary Stories for Children
  • Solanus and the Bees

    Episode 1

    In this episode narrated by Haven Stieber and featuring Donovan Jude Garner, we learn the story of Brother Bob and Father Solanus's encounter with a swarm of bees! Father Solanus had a special gift for taking care of the Lord's beautiful creation. He shows us how to be good stewards of nature, an...

  • Love Is Thicker Than Blood

    Episode 2

    In this episode narrated by Emmanuel Tchonang and featuring Marie Schueneman, we learn about God's beautiful design to adopt all people in the world as his own sons and daughters. Father Solanus meets a couple who long to be parents, but cannot have children of their own. Through Father Solanus's...

  • A Crippled Boy

    Episode 3

    In this episode narrated by Matthew Jamil and featuring Stella O'Beid, we hear about a miracle God chose to perform through Father Solanus. A young couple comes to visit Father Solanus to ask for his prayers for their son, who cannot walk. Through their meeting, we learn that extraordinary faith ...

  • God's Gofer

    Episode 4

    In this episode narrated by Annika Mary Gaber and featuring Isabel Macias, a young girl calls on the help of Father Solanus when a mother in the village becomes very ill. Through her encounter with the holy priest, not only does the little girl help a neighbor, but she also discovers the vocation...

  • Risk of Exposure

    Episode 5

    In this episode narrated by Sarah Grace Tan and featuring Blake Nieto, we hear about the extraordinary faith and gifts of Father Solanus, who is called in to save the life of a very sick child. Father Solanus's great love for God and his children allows God to perform a miracle that changed the c...

  • A Leg to Stand On

    Episode 6

    In this episode narrated by Joseph Schueneman and featuring Elle and Lizzy Uhlarik, we hear the story of how Father Solanus aided his own family in a time of distress, even in his old age. By sharing his trust in God's goodness, Father Solanus calms the worries of his dear relatives and teaches u...

  • The Tigers vs the Saints

    Episode 7

    In this episode narrated by Edward D. Austin and featuring Felicity O'Brien, we hear the story of a young boy with dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. Fr. Solanus, an avid baseball fan himself, inspires the young boy to dream of becoming, not just a famous and admired athlete, but ...

  • Chevy's Salvation

    Episode 8

    In this episode narrated by Julia Metas and featuring Dominic Ibrahim, a faithful father and hard-working employee at Chevrolet struggles to provide for his family during the Great Depression. Turning to God in his time of need, the father asks his friend Father Solanus to have many Masses said f...

  • Let's Celebrate

    Episode 9

    In this episode narrated by Maria Swedorske and featuring Logan Renner, we learn about a young novice friar whose illness almost caused him to leave the monastery. Father Solanus knew God's will was for young Brother Dan to become a Capuchin Friar, and through his trust in God, brought relief to ...

  • No More Bread

    Episode 10

    In this episode narrated by Claire Ardelean and featuring Amanda Tchonang, God feeds a multitude when Father Solanus opens the doors of the monastery to the poor, even though the monastery is nearly out of food. Through this great act of faith in God, many are fed and, most importantly, a downcas...

  • Gracie's Story

    Episode 11

    The extraordinary stories of Father Solanus Casey continue even after his death. In this episode, Grace Mischel tells her own story, which would not have taken place except through God's grace and the intercessory prayers of Father Solanus in heaven.

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