An Advent Gift from FORMED

An Advent Gift from FORMED

These Advent reflections and activities are too good not to share! We hope you enjoy this playlist and let the videos inspire your Advent journey. Want even more scriptural reflections and Catholic formation? Join us on FORMED using the promo code ROOTED for 50% off your first three months.

An Advent Gift from FORMED
  • Rooted: Rediscover the Jesse Tree This Advent | Trailer

    Coming to FORMED December 3!

    This new 22-episode series guides Catholics through a daily Advent reflection using the Jesse Tree model traditionally practiced by families. Each seven-minute episode introduces the ancestors of Jesus Christ, shares a Scripture passage, and offers an engaging, pract...

  • Creation and the Jesse Tree | Rooted | Episode 1

    The Jesse Tree—what is it? It seems like a simple question. Actually, it can be answered in a variety of ways. We'll return to this question several times as we continue through Advent. Each time we do, we’ll understand it better!

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  • Drawing Closer to God | Trailer

    Coming to FORMED November 17!

    Journey through Advent with the whole family! Join art teacher Ms. Kim as she teaches children to draw different scenes from the Christmas story, including the Annunciation, the shepherds' visit, the Nativity scene, and more. With compelling storytelling, Ms. Kim po...

  • Advent Wreath: Be the Light | Drawing Closer to God | Episode 1

    Ms. Kim explains the significance of the season of Advent and its symbolism by teaching students how to draw an Advent wreath. She challenges kids to be the light of the world, especially during this holy season of preparation.

    Download the coloring sheet for this episode and for the rest of the...

  • Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

    On behalf of the Augustine Institute, we are offering Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to everyone this Advent and Christmas Season. In light of the separation we face as communities, this special documentary allows Catholics all around the world to unite and make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Ho...

  • O Come, O Come, Emmanuel | The True Meaning of Christmas

    Why do we sing "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel" during the Advent season? What does it mean? Join Dr. Barber as he explores the significance of this beautiful hymn.

    Watch all of The True Meaning of Christmas video series with Dr. Michael Barber.

    To go deeper, be sure to get his accompanying book,"The...