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Christ in the City

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Step into the heartbeat of Christ in the City – where humble encounters in urban landscapes redefine service. Their videos, grounded in the essence of grassroots ministry, unfold tales of compassion, resilience, and human connection. Through the lens of Catholic youth leaders, we navigate the raw streets, forging a culture of encounter with those on the margins. Dive into narratives that speak of gritty reality and transformative love, resonating with their mission to foster understanding and true communion. Journey with them, weaving the fabric of service, leadership, and genuine encounters in the heart of the city.

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Christ in the City
  • The Poverty of Loneliness | Christ in the City

    Episode 1

    We can easily see material poverty, and the need for housing, food, and employment. But at the root of this problem runs a deep poverty of loneliness: the need for friendship, support, and human connection.

    Christ in the City seeks out the homeless in order to break down that barrier of isolatio...

  • Tips for Encountering the Homeless | Christ in the City

    Episode 2

    In this insightful video, learn valuable tips on how to approach and interact with the homeless community with compassion and respect. Discover meaningful ways to make a positive impact in their lives while fostering understanding and empathy. For more resources like our “Guide to Encounter,” vis...

  • The Path to Healing Through Relationships | Christ in the City

    Episode 3

    “Go out on mission; it will change you.”

    We know the problem of homelessness is difficult to address. At Christ in the City, our experience has proven that the deepest poverty of homelessness is sown in the heart long before someone becomes homeless. It’s an all-encompassing experience of being ...

  • A New Approach to Chronic Homelessness | Christ in the City

    Episode 4

    Have you ever wondered how to really help the homeless? When it seems like money, food, housing, jobs, and opportunities are so available, what keeps a person experiencing homelessness on the streets for so long? Many think the reasons are for substance abuse orlaziness, but the deepest reason is...

  • Anna's Testimony | Missionary Spotlight | Christ in the City

    Episode 5

    Jesus doesn’t wait for our perfection; He wants to meet us in the midst of the messiness of our lives. Hear how Anna has faced this reality during her time as a missionary with Christ in the City.

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