Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • Discovering Your Feminine Genius in Motherhood

    Episode 1

    Your body is a gift from God. Joy Katigbak explains the feminine genius, highlighting the three unique and life-giving gifts that God bestowed on every woman. Learn from Joy’s wisdom and discover the beauty and wonder of your femininity and motherhood.

  • Contending with the Distortions of Womanhood

    Episode 2

    Today’s secular society constantly feeds women lies about their identity, promoting disdain for domestic life. In this video, Noelle Mering discusses these lies and ways to combat them, outlining the beauty of true womanhood and femininity. Join Noelle and discover the answers to the falsehoods o...

  • We Are Women at the Well

    Episode 3

    Are you exhausted, anxious, or overwhelmed by your life as a mother? Learn from Sarah Swafford what it means to be like John 4’s woman at the well and surrender everything to the Lord.

  • Why All Mothers Are Philosophers

    Episode 4

    Mom knows best. Rachel Bulman discusses why each mother is a philosopher, emphasizing the need for faith and reason. Discover the beauty and philosophy of motherhood.

  • How to Foster Meaningful Friendships

    Episode 5

    Are you finding yourself wanting more from your friendships? In her talk, Rachel Balducci reveals the ways to find true friends, how to balance friends outside your core belief system, and foster mutual goodness in all your relationships.

  • How to Break the Gossip Habit Before it Breaks You

    Episode 6

    What is America's favorite pastime? Many would say sports but hidden from sight lies America's true favorite: gossip. Patti Maguire Armstrong encourages you to break the gossip cycle in our world by holding up the mirror, allowing you to see yourself and learn to spread positivity and love, just ...

  • Discovering Your Dignity and Beauty and Helping Your Daughter(s) Do the Same

    Episode 7

    How do you truly know what is beautiful? How do you find it in yourself? Ramie Samour speaks on how true beauty comes from living as God calls you in a world that convinces women that beauty is unattainable.

  • Reclaiming Our Friendships

    Episode 8

    Finding good female friends as a wife and mother can be difficult, but the Lord has created friendships to make us more like Christ. In this video, Mallory Smyth shows us how to reclaim friendships in the way God intended them.

  • Seeking Balance Through Spiritual Community

    Episode 9

    Do you find yourself wanting to do everything on your own? Elizabeth Tomlin shares her story of wanting to do the same until she found the importance of intentional spiritual friendship. Learn from Elizabeth and how to seek out women’s ministry groups for spiritual friendships and faith-filled co...

  • Made to Be Radically Relational

    Episode 10

    We are radically relational. Author and founder of women’s ministry “Women in New Evangelization,” Kelly Wahlquist draws from scripture to speak about our innate necessity of relationships and community. Learn from Kelly how to be truly relational and bring Christ to the world.

  • Seek the Truth About Your Health

    Episode 11

    Disclaimer: This video covers sensitive material that might not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Are you taking care of your health to take care of your family? Pro-life OBGYN Dr. Monique Rubero advises women in caring for their bodies by considering NaPro and integrative ...

  • Where Two or Three are Gathered… Getting the Support You Need

    Episode 12

    Every mother needs good friends to support her in her vocation. Susie Lloyd speaks about starting new initiatives that are lacking and encouraging other moms to build up the greater community.