Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage

    Episode 1

    Kimberly Hahn shares her wisdom on how to foster faithfulness toward your spouse. Using Scripture, Kimberly provides steps to strengthen trust and faithfulness in your marriage through thoughts, words, and deeds. Join Kimberly for her beautiful reflection on the necessity of trust in your marria...

  • How to Inspire Your Husband to Dream

    Episode 2

    January Donovan, founder of “The Woman School,” invites you to discover your dreams to fulfill God’s unique call boldly. January equips women to help their husbands by investing in them, inspiring them, and inviting them to pursue their God-given dreams. Join January and learn about the beautiful...

  • Praying with My Husband Makes Me a Better Mom

    Episode 3

    Start your day off with a prayer. Dr. Sarah Bartel radiates joy as she describes incorporating God into a loving and caring marriage through praying with her husband every morning. Pray daily with and for your husband to provide a solid example to your children and increases the love in your home.

  • Why NFP Is the Answer

    Episode 4

    Disclaimer: This video covers sensitive material that might not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

    The world of pregnancy and family planning can be overwhelming. Luckily, with the wisdom of pro-life OBGYN Dr. Monique Ruberu, mothers can confidently approach their fertility ...

  • How to Build a Healthy Friendship with Your Mother-in-Law

    Episode 5

    Ana Glaze seeks to break the stereotype of the overbearing mother-in-law. Sharing personal stories, Ana opens up about her beautiful relationship with her mother-in-law and provides helpful tips for cultivating a healthy relationship with your husband’s mother.

  • Build the Kind of Marriage Your Kids Will Want to Have

    Episode 6

    Your marriage can be a model for your children. Linda Padgett, a mother of nine, provides tips for cultivating a happy, holy marriage that your children can look up to. Learn from Linda and live your marriage as a beautiful and adventurous journey.

  • A Catholic Wife's Guide: Does Your Husband Watch Porn?

    Episode 7

    Disclaimer: This video covers sensitive material that might not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Entering marriage with wounds can lead to various addictions and struggles that plague family life. Mary Lenaburg tells the story of her husband’s addiction to pornography, sha...

  • Navigating a “Stuck” Season in Your Marriage

    Episode 8

    Are you facing challenges in your marriage? In this talk, Melanie Owens from gives four tips to help strengthen your marriage in times of desolation.