Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • 8 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom Today

    Episode 1

    Motherhood can be chaotic, but by using Lisa Cotter’s eight practical tips, mothers can embrace the challenge with love. Lisa’s advice is beautifully simple, such as writing notes to your children, offering up your sufferings for them, and intentionally putting your phone away. Join Lisa and lear...

  • What St. Joan of Arc Can Teach Us About Motherhood

    Episode 2

    Even though St. Joan of Arc was never a mother herself, she can teach us so much about motherhood. Writer, public speaker, and mother, Emily Wilson, talks about how St. Joan of Arc’s story can help us become better mothers and daughters of God.

  • A Mother’s Present Moment: Meeting God in a Life of Constant Interruption

    Episode 3

    What does a mother's life have in common with the vocation of a monk? Beth Sri gives us practical tips to become more present to our children, showing us that by serving them, we are being faithful to the Lord.

  • Mom Strong: Your Motherhood Is Irreplaceable

    Episode 4

    Being a mom is messy. Crystalina Evert emphasizes the beauty of this mess and shows how your motherly role is unique and irreplaceable. Tune in to Crystalina and join her in the pursuit of raising children who seek to know and love Jesus.

  • Littles and Bigs: How Tantrums Prepared Me for Teenagers

    Episode 5

    The thought of your toddlers growing into teenagers can be overwhelming. Katherine Whitaker shares how to lay a foundation of love for your toddlers to grow. Join Katherine as she invites you to delve deeper into your vocation with love for your children, no matter their age.

  • Motherhood: The Most Important Job in the World

    Episode 6

    Motherhood is not a competition. Instead, it is a unique calling that only you can fulfill. Founder and president of the pro-life organization Live Action, Lila Rose, encourages and inspires mothers to view their vocation as the most important job in the world.

  • Pursuing Holiness as a Single Mom

    Episode 7

    What if being a single mother is your way of pursuing holiness? Dr. Linda Wansi shares her story of encouragement, authenticity, and hope for single mothers who struggle with balancing raising children and maintaining a strong faith life.

  • Growing Children of the King: Spiritual Warfare and a Kingdom Perspective

    Episode 8

    Heather Khym, speaker, podcaster, and founder of “Life Restoration Ministries,” shares the need for parents to teach the message of salvation to their children by speaking life, blessing, and truth to them. Join Heather and learn how to combat your children’s spiritual warfare and how to declare ...

  • Every Mom Is a Homeschooler

    Episode 9

    Society tells us that "selfishly" giving up our careers to raise and educate our children is a waste of talent. Laura Berquist emphasizes the incomparable value of working to educate our children.

  • Desiring Obedience from Our Children

    Episode 10

    How do I discipline my children with love? As mothers, we desire obedient children and a peaceful home. Paula Ciskanik, a mother of seven and cofounder of Catholic Homeschool Community and Events, shares her wisdom on raising caring adults with obedience, as well as ten tips that have proven succ...

  • How to Experience Peace and Patience in Motherhood

    Episode 11

    From the “terrible twos” to kitchen spills and the messes of life, it seems these moments have overcome our peace and patience as mothers. In her talk, Madeline Carrington shares ways to redirect our thoughts so they can be life-giving for our families and children. She assures us of our ability ...

  • How to Teach Your Children to Forgive: A Practical Exercise

    Episode 12

    How do I raise my children to understand and experience the transformative power of forgiveness? Colleen Duggan shares how to guide your children to experience God’s merciful healing power in her talk. Through tips and reflection, we can teach our children that we are saved by the mercy of Jesus....

  • Preparing Your Daughter for Adolescence

    Episode 13

    Being a mother of teenage girls can be difficult, yet it is beautiful. Join Alicia Hernon from "The Messy Family Project" as she outlines the sacred responsibility of mothers to guide their daughters in teaching them how to handle their emotions and show them how to nurture life.

  • Becoming the Mother of an Adult: Transitioning from Baby Mom to Adult Mom

    Episode 14

    Watching your children grow up is bittersweet. Mary Ellen Barrett acknowledges the challenges of seeing one's children move through different stages of life. She offers practical steps for mothers to maintain healthy relationships with their children.

  • Talking to Your Kids About Sex and the Theology of the Body

    Episode 15

    Moira Modern uses the Theology of the Body to encourage an open dialogue with your child about sex. Moira discusses the beauty and goodness of sex, providing practical tips for teaching your children about these profound topics without awkwardness or hesitation.

  • How to Water the Seeds of Faith in Your Children's Hearts.

    Episode 16

    What if the seeds of faith were already planted in your children? Children’s book author and mother of four Katie Warner calls all mothers to nourish the seeds of faith God has already planted in their hearts.

  • Special Needs Parenting

    Episode 17

    Childhood is full of uncertainty and difficulty. Carolyn Svellinger is a mother of six, with one child who has autism. Discover helpful tips and tricks with Carolyn for when you come across the unexpected.

  • 4 Ways Motherhood Changes You for the Better

    Episode 18

    We know motherhood affects children and husbands, but does it change mothers? Melanie Owens affirms that motherhood truly changes your life for the better. Tune in to Melanie and discover the life-changing beauty of your unique role as a mother.

  • One Simple Tip for Loving Your Kids (and Spouse) Better When They’re Upset

    Episode 19

    The key to loving your children when upset is simple: listening intentionally. But is it truly simple? In this video, Katie Warner offers some practical tips for active listening, showing how the Holy Spirit works in family life in this way.

  • Surrendering Your Growing Children to God

    Episode 20

    Deanna Bartalini encourages mothers to let their children live their lives and allow them to be independent. Tune in as she explains that our children do not belong to us; instead, they belong to God. Learn how to dream with your children, not for them.