Catholic Moms Summit

Catholic Moms Summit

9 Seasons

A collection of talks in which women encourage and support one another in the vocation of Catholic motherhood.

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Catholic Moms Summit
  • 8 Simple Ways to Be a Better Mom Today

    Episode 1

    Motherhood can be chaotic, but by using Lisa Cotter’s eight practical tips, mothers can embrace the challenge with love. Lisa’s advice is beautifully simple, such as writing notes to your children, offering up your sufferings for them, and intentionally putting your phone away. Join Lisa and lear...

  • A Mother’s Present Moment: Meeting God in a Life of Constant Interruption

    Episode 2

    What does a mother's life have in common with the vocation of a monk? Beth Sri gives us practical tips to become more present to our children, showing us that by serving them, we are being faithful to the Lord.

  • What St. Joan of Arc Can Teach Us About Motherhood

    Episode 3

    Even though St. Joan of Arc was never a mother herself, she can teach us so much about motherhood. Writer, public speaker, and mother, Emily Wilson, talks about how St. Joan of Arc’s story can help us become better mothers and daughters of God.

  • Motherhood: The Most Important Job in the World

    Episode 4

    Motherhood is not a competition. Instead, it is a unique calling that only you can fulfill. Founder and president of the pro-life organization Live Action, Lila Rose, encourages and inspires mothers to view their vocation as the most important job in the world.

  • Chosen and Cherished: Biblical Wisdom for Your Marriage

    Episode 5

    Kimberly Hahn shares her wisdom on how to foster faithfulness toward your spouse. Using Scripture, Kimberly provides steps to strengthen trust and faithfulness in your marriage through thoughts, words, and deeds. Join Kimberly for her beautiful reflection on the necessity of trust in your marria...

  • Mom Strong: Your Motherhood Is Irreplaceable

    Episode 6

    Being a mom is messy. Crystalina Evert emphasizes the beauty of this mess and shows how your motherly role is unique and irreplaceable. Tune in to Crystalina and join her in the pursuit of raising children who seek to know and love Jesus.

  • Transitioning from Newlywed to Newly Having Kids

    Episode 7

    New mothers, God sees you. God sees the small things you do with great love even as you might be struggling. The transition from being newlywed to newly having children is hard. With Sarah Swafford, be encouraged and at peace, and learn from her story and practical tips.

  • Building the Domestic Church

    Episode 8

    Do you hope to evangelize your children within the walls of your home? In her talk, Lisa Cotter shares four simple ways to build the domestic church in your home to raise faithful children of God. Indeed, the most critical church that a husband and wife can serve is the church of their own home.

  • The Discipline of Self Care

    Episode 9

    Self-care is so much more than bubble baths and hot tea. Stephanie Weinert chats about what it means to holistically take care of yourself in a holy way, even amid the chaos of motherhood. Learn the discipline of caring for your mind, body, and soul and become the best version of yourself for you...

  • Littles and Bigs: How Tantrums Prepared Me for Teenagers

    Episode 10

    The thought of your toddlers growing into teenagers can be overwhelming. Katherine Whitaker shares how to lay a foundation of love for your toddlers to grow. Join Katherine as she invites you to delve deeper into your vocation with love for your children, no matter their age.

  • Finding Balance and Learning to Let Things Go

    Episode 11

    Are you searching for balance and routine? Tune in to author and speaker Katie McGrady and learn that balance begins with knowing God’s unique love for you. In this video, Katie outlines the process of finding balance and creating a happy and peaceful home.

  • Growing Children of the King: Spiritual Warfare and a Kingdom Perspective

    Episode 12

    Heather Khym, speaker, podcaster, and founder of “Life Restoration Ministries,” shares the need for parents to teach the message of salvation to their children by speaking life, blessing, and truth to them. Join Heather and learn how to combat your children’s spiritual warfare and how to declare ...

  • Mom Strong: Battling Spiritual Warfare in Motherhood

    Episode 13

    Do you ever feel like motherhood is a battle? How do we become the women God wants us to be in difficult moments? In this video, Crystalina Evert gives advice on how to battle spiritual warfare and be the woman God desires us to be to care for our families.

  • Pursuing Holiness as a Single Mom

    Episode 14

    What if being a single mother is your way of pursuing holiness? Dr. Linda Wansi shares her story of encouragement, authenticity, and hope for single mothers who struggle with balancing raising children and maintaining a strong faith life.

  • How to Inspire Your Husband to Dream

    Episode 15

    January Donovan, founder of “The Woman School,” invites you to discover your dreams to fulfill God’s unique call boldly. January equips women to help their husbands by investing in them, inspiring them, and inviting them to pursue their God-given dreams. Join January and learn about the beautiful...

  • How Motherhood Changes Your Relationship with God

    Episode 16

    Madeline Carrington beautifully illustrates how motherhood is a sharing in Christ's sacrifice on the Cross. She emphasizes how being a wife and mother is a constant gift of self. Enjoy Madeline's thought-provoking reflection on motherhood.

  • Every Mom Is a Homeschooler

    Episode 17

    Society tells us that "selfishly" giving up our careers to raise and educate our children is a waste of talent. Laura Berquist emphasizes the incomparable value of working to educate our children.

  • 10 Things Happy Moms Know

    Episode 18

    What if you could find joy and happiness despite all the hardships of being a mother? Danielle Bean provides ten steps to achieve a happy motherhood, which include recognizing the power of prayer, putting your marriage first, and taking care of yourself. Learn from Danielle and apply her steps to...

  • Discovering Your Feminine Genius in Motherhood

    Episode 19

    Your body is a gift from God. Joy Katigbak explains the feminine genius, highlighting the three unique and life-giving gifts that God bestowed on every woman. Learn from Joy’s wisdom and discover the beauty and wonder of your femininity and motherhood.

  • Contending with the Distortions of Womanhood

    Episode 20

    Today’s secular society constantly feeds women lies about their identity, promoting disdain for domestic life. In this video, Noelle Mering discusses these lies and ways to combat them, outlining the beauty of true womanhood and femininity. Join Noelle and discover the answers to the falsehoods o...

  • Finding Healing in Jesus

    Episode 21

    Disclaimer: This video covers sensitive material that might not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

    Do you feel hopeless in the face of spiritual and emotional pain that won’t seem to heal? Join Megan as she teaches you how to bring healing into your family life with the powe...

  • Finding Balance in the Craziness of Mom Life

    Episode 22

    A mother's life is chaotic and non-stop, to say the least. Jackie Angel discusses achieving balance through two main steps: keeping God as our number one priority and knowing when to ask for help. Learn how to find balance in motherhood's craziness using Jackie Angel's wisdom.

  • Make Time for What Really Matters

    Episode 23

    Is your life too chaotic? Join Rachel Balducci as she provides practical steps for mothers to organize their lives, emphasizing that each mother should figure out what works best for her.

  • How to Foster Meaningful Friendships

    Episode 24

    Are you finding yourself wanting more from your friendships? In her talk, Rachel Balducci reveals the ways to find true friends, how to balance friends outside your core belief system, and foster mutual goodness in all your relationships.