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Catholic Answers: Ready Reasons

Is God's Hiddenness a Reason to Reject Him?

Episode 9 • 2m 33s

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  • Is the Holy Spirit God?

    Many quasi-Christian sects (e.g., Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, etc.) deny the Divinity of the Holy Spirit and argue it is found nowhere in the Bible. But is this true? Karlo Broussard explains why the answer is no by giving biblical examples that show the Holy Spirit is God.

  • Is the Holy Spirit the Same as the Fo...

    What do quasi-Christian groups and Star Wars have in common? The idea of a universal, impersonal force. For quasi-Christian groups, this force is the Holy Spirit, who we as Catholics call the third Person of the Holy Trinity. Karlo Broussard explains why evidence shows that the Holy Spirit is a P...

  • Was the Immaculate Conception Necessary?

    When Catholics say Mary was immaculately conceived, they mean that at the moment of her conception Mary was filled with God's sanctifying grace. God protected her from sin throughout her life, but did it have to be this way? Trent Horn explains why it was fitting for Mary to be conceived without ...