2 Seasons

The Cat.Chat Family teaches your children the most important lessons on the Catholic Faith with catchy songs, jokes, and even juggling and unicycling adventures. Moses the family cat will entertain viewers to no end in the midst of learning about their exciting Catholic faith.

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  • Self-Control

    Episode 1

    Come and spend a day on the farm with Moses the Cat and learn what it means to practice self-control. It's a lesson in discovering how important it is to control our words, thoughts, and actions.

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  • Courage

    Episode 2

    Take off with Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat Family as they learn to conquer their fears and trust God. Find out how you can train to be bold and courageous in your faith in this exciting adventure full of high-energy action songs, airplane rides, unicycling, and more!

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  • Purity

    Episode 3

    It's a hot summer day and Moses the Cat and the Cat.Chat Family can't wait to cool off. But first they learn about purity and what it means to keep their hearts pure and clean for Jesus. Let Mary, the Mother of Jesus, help train you to live a life of purity.

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  • Faithfulness

    Episode 4

    Put on your running shoes and join the Cat.Chat Family as they get out on the sports field to learn about faithfulness, and what it means to always give God your best. Discover cool biblical heroes and understand why it's so important to live with total faith and confidence in God.

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