Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage

2 Seasons

In 12 stunning sessions, Beloved uncovers the mystery and the meaning of the sacrament of marriage. What if marriage is more than you think it is? What if God has woven into the very fabric of your humanity a purposeful need and desire that can only be fulfilled in your marriage? Beloved invites all couples to experience firsthand the wonder, mystery, and joy behind that first "I do" ... whether you said it last year or many years ago.

Beloved is comprised of two parts: The Mystery and Meaning of Marriage has 6 sessions and Living Marriage has 6 sessions. All 12 episodes can be used in Marriage Prep or for Marriage Enrichment. Just select your Leader and Couples Guides for "Preparation" or "Enrichment".

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Beloved: Finding Happiness in Marriage
  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 1: Christ at the Center

    Episode 1

    Putting Jesus at the center of our married lives is crucial for maintaining a strong marriage. Only in him can we find the strength and grace to face the many challenges and joys that come our way. But how do we make Jesus the center point of our lives? This study explains.

  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 2: A Deeper Unity

    Episode 2

    There is more to forming beautiful and lasting marriages than romance and sheer effort. God wants to use commitment to deepen our union and intimacy. So how do we work with God to create a lasting marriage?

  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 3: Conflict and Communication

    Episode 3

    Every marriage has conflict, but is it possible to keep conflict from being damaging or hurtful? The art of effective communication in marriage can turn tension and conflict into opportunities for growth. Here's how.

  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 4: Building a Thriving Marriage

    Episode 4

    Strong marriages don't happen by chance. Successful marriages require self-awareness, grace, and forgiveness. What obstacles get in the way of a successful marriage, and what are the principles we need to form a marriage that thrives?

  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 5: Protecting the Bond

    Episode 5

    Marriage is a priceless gift, but sometimes the bonds of marriage can be fragile, threadbare, and neglected. What are the pitfalls, distractions, and temptations that can pull us away from each other? How can we protect and preserve the bonds that keep us together?

  • Beloved (Living Marriage) - Session 6: Sexuality and Authentic Love

    Episode 6

    Does love lead to sex, or does sex lead to love? Are love and intimacy more than simply fufililling one another on a physical level? What if there is an authentic love that encompasses our physical, emotional, and spiritual life together in marriage?