• Lost Gospels or False Gospels? The Truth about the Other Gospels & Early Christianity


    Christians and many non-Christians have long accepted Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—the four Gospels of the New Testament—as the only reliable accounts of the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth. Recent media stories and certain best-selling books have alerted the public to alternative writing...

  • Ignatius Press Conference

    1 season

    Joing the celebration of the 40th Anniver­sary of Ignatius Press with talks from found­er Fr. Joseph Fessio, SJ, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ, Steve Ray, and Michael D. O'Brien.

  • Jesus and His Church with Cardinal Dolan


    In this presentation from the Napa Institute, Timothy Cardinal Dolan speaks with great clarity and pastoral care about one of the greatest challenges facing the Church today: protecting the spousal oneness of Jesus Christ and his Church. He describes our current times as a post-ecclesial world, i...

  • GIVEN Forum Talks

    6 seasons

    The GIVEN Institute (“GIVEN”) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to activating the gifts of young adult women for the Catholic Church and the world. We inspire and equip the next generation of female leaders to “receive the gift that they are; realize the gifts they’ve been given; and res...

  • Why Be Catholic with Ray Guarendi