Week 1

Week 1

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Week 1
  • Light the First Advent Candle! | Marcam's Advent & Christmas | Episode 1

    Join Marcam as Advent begins! Fr. Mark teaches all the little saints about the first week of Advent and what the season of Advent means for us all. Little saints will be prepared for this week's readings at Mass in an engaging way that will get them excited and knowledgeable about this important ...

  • Cozy Christmas Story Time w/ Marcam | Marcam's Advent & Christmas | Episode 2

    Snuggle up for a wonderful Christmas tradition, storytime by the fire! Join Marcam as he reads The First Christmas, a marvelously illustrated book about that night in Bethlehem when the world welcomed the Christ child in the manger.

  • Christmas Special | Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids

    Based on the award-winning Bible! Join Minno kids Margot, Lexi, Miguel, and Logan on a heartwarming journey through the Christmas story. Hosted by the Hopeful World, this beautiful retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth will help kids understand the true meaning of Christmas. Viewers both young a...

  • Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage

    On behalf of the Augustine Institute, we are offering Adventus: A Spiritual Pilgrimage to everyone this Advent and Christmas Season. In light of the separation we face as communities, this special documentary allows Catholics all around the world to unite and make a spiritual pilgrimage to the Ho...

  • Shalom/Peace | Advent: Word Studies | The Bible Project

    "Peace" is a very common word in English, that means different things to different people. It's also a very important word in the Bible that refers not only to the absence of conflict but also to the presence of something else. In this video, we'll explore the core meaning of biblical peace and h...

  • Creation and the Jesse Tree | Rooted | Episode 1

    The Jesse Tree—what is it? It seems like a simple question. Actually, it can be answered in a variety of ways. We'll return to this question several times as we continue through Advent. Each time we do, we’ll understand it better!

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  • Week One | Adore: Advent with Fr. John Burns

    Join Fr. John Burns as he journeys deeper into the theme for week one: watchfulness.

  • Our Lady of Guadalupe & St. Juan Diego | Littlest Saints

    A boy, his sneakers, and a giant sombrero take up the story of St. Juan Diego’s miraculous encounter with the Blessed Virgin Mary. How far will Our Lady ask him to reach out in faith, trust, and confidence?

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  • The Image of God | Rooted | Episode 2

    It might be tempting to view the early chapters of Genesis as primitive and even irrelevant. The text is ancient, but it’s also quite complex, sophisticated, and wise. We can miss this in our busy world, so let's take another look.

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  • Advent Wreath: Be the Light | Drawing Closer to God | Episode 1

    Ms. Kim explains the significance of the season of Advent and its symbolism by teaching students how to draw an Advent wreath. She challenges kids to be the light of the world, especially during this holy season of preparation.

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  • First Week of Advent | Behold with Sr. Miriam James

    Let the Holy Family be your light through Advent as you receive the healing power of Christ.

    In this beautiful guided video series, Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT—author of the bestselling book Restore and co-host of the Abiding Together Podcast — walks with you as you explore familial wounds w...

  • The Great Refusal | Rooted | Episode 3

    Have you ever thought about just how much time and effort we invest in making ourselves independent? To be independent of the fluctuations of seasons, we have elaborate systems of agriculture and transport. To be invulnerable to financial pain, we save, we invest, we have credit cards, 401(k)s, s...

  • Week One | Prepare Your Heart: Advent with Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR

    In week one of the Prepare Your Heart Advent journal, Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR, invites us to focus on the town of Nazareth during the time of Jesus. Nazareth was a small and ordinary town in the first century, but he reminds us that holiness happens in the ordinary. It is in the daily gift of ou...

  • Juan Diego | The Faithful

    This video is not rated, but it contains scenes indicative of the life and times of the saint portrayed. We would recommend Parental Guidance and that parents preview it before watching with children. Recommended ages 9 and up.

    The inspiring story of the first indigen...

  • Cain and His Descendants | Rooted | Episode 4

    Cain is a living contradiction. He relies on God for his life, but he also denies this reliance by taking matters into his own hands, most notably taking his own brother’s life. How do we make sense of this situation?

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  • Mary's Labor: What Does Catholic Tradition Have to Say?

    Catholics and Protestants believe different things about Mary's labor. These differences can lead to varying presentations of the birth of Jesus in popular movies and shows. Join Dr. Scott Hefelfinger and Dr. Michael Barber as they explain the Catholic Church's understanding of Mary's labor and t...

  • The Role of Nature, Prophecy, & Reason in Seeking the Messiah w/ Tim Gray

    Guiding Star: The Role of Nature, Prophecy, and Reason in Seeking the Messiah by Dr. Tim Gray

  • God Favors the Simple | Rooted | Episode 5

    After an epic opening about the Nephilim—the mighty men of the earth—Genesis 6 moves right along to wickedness and then to Noah. It’s almost a letdown... where are all the heroic deeds? But Genesis makes a powerful point: God’s favor takes no notice of the mighty and instead rests on Noah.

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  • The Spirituality of Advent

    Dr. Tim Gray discusses the spirituality of Advent and the joy of waiting for Christ.
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  • Babel | Rooted | Episode 6

    Do you remember hearing the story of Babel as a child and being impressed by the magnificent tower? But then God punishes the people! Is God being petty or fickle here? What's going on?

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  • The Christmas Pageant that Almost Wasn't

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  • Radical Faith | Rooted | Episode 7

    So far in Genesis, we've seen a recurring cycle of goodness, sin, and God’s merciful intervention. Creation, fall, promise of redemption. Family life, fratricide, promise of protection. Descendants, flood, promise of the covenant. After Babel, God makes yet another merciful move to lead us back t...

  • Making Advent Great for Kids

    Dr. Tim Gray and Paul McCusker discuss how to help kids experience Advent as a joyful season of preparation for Christmas.

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  • Coming Home for Christmas | The True Meaning of Christmas

    Learn more about our deepest longing to be 'home' for Christmas with Dr. Michael Barber.

    Watch all of The True Meaning of Christmas video series with Dr. Michael Barber.

    To go deeper, be sure to get his accompanying book,"The True Meaning of Christmas", available on Catholic.Market.