4 Episodes

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas," or, at least that's the assumption based on that familiar holiday song. But what does that look like at your house? Most of us anticipate the great sales at the mall on the day after Thanksgiving, string lights on the outside of our house, and decorating the inside of our homes. But how exactly are we preparing our hearts for the greatest gift we've ever been given? Through an exploration of the mystery of the Incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and the events surrounding the arrival of Jesus, this Advent study offers an opportunity to experience the joy of the true meaning of Christmas.

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  • Prepare the Way by Bob Rice

    Episode 1

    It's been said that Christmas is merely a pagan day that was Christianized by the early Church—and now the pagans want it back. Yet the holiday we call Christmas (and the season of Advent that precedes it) is marked by wonder, holiness, and beauty, which go beyond mere sentimentality. Preparing "...

  • Trust in God by Brigid DeMoor

    Episode 2

    Long before an angel appeared to a young girl named Mary, the need for the angel's message was firmly established in history. At the start of Creation, mankind had rebelled, choosing to trust something other than their Creator, bringing sin and death into the world. So how does that event connect...

  • Watch & Pray by Dr. Edward Sri

    Episode 3

    With the many distractions that bombard us daily, how can we stay focused and watch for Christ during Advent? This study explores the Nativity narrative in Luke's Gospel that serves as a vivid example of how to prepare our hearts with true humility so that "watching" for Jesus is an active realit...

  • The Gift by Dr. Tim Gray

    Episode 4

    It's easy to lose sight of the real story of the Magi amidst the figurines, the television renditions, and the carols about the three "oriental kings." This study looks at the biblical account and gives a proper context for a truly meaningful celebration of joy through sacrificial giving. Present...

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