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Up Next in Wisdom and Works of Mercy

  • Communion Point Two: Chapters 1-2.2

    Now, to properly understand our transformation in (or into) Christ, it's helpful to see it in the context of a journey. That's because our transformation in Christ takes us places; with Christ, we do some traveling; through Christ, we go back to the Father. Alright, but when we travel, it's often...

  • Communion Point Two: Chapter 2.3

    Now, perhaps you think it's strange that I've been saying that, by faith, we have a real "contact" with Christ in his mysteries. After all, faith is something spiritual while contact is something physical. So, I must be speaking metaphorically, right? I mean, surely we don't actually touch Christ...

  • Communion Point Two: Chapters 2.4-2.5

    Wait, we already covered faith. So why rehash that road again? We're doing it because of the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II), which took a new, deeper approach to the topic of faith. At least, that's the interpretation of one of the bishops who was at the Council, Karol Wojtyła. But why shoul...