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  • What is Hell?

    Hell is eternal separation from God. Scripture and the saints describe hell as darkness, a lake of fire, unimaginable suffering, and torment with no end.

    God created us with freedom, asking us to choose or reject eternal life with him. God makes us free because love must be free. He must suffer ...

  • What is Heaven?

    Heaven is perfect communion with perfect love. It is the entrance into the divine life of the Triune God, who is all truth, love, and beauty.

    Heaven is above and beyond the capacity of human words to describe. Our imagination cannot fathom heaven's glories and the joys God promises us if only we...

  • What is the Difference Between a Will...

    Both wills and trusts help us determine where we’d like assets to go when we die. Trusts can generally accomplish more complicated outcomes.

    Wills allow us to designate who manages our estate and who receives our assets. Similarly, trusts also clarify how we’d like our assets distributed after o...