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YDisciple is a toolbox of training resources for adults and teaching resources for teens specifically designed with small groups in mind. YDisciple isn’t just another video resource. Programs don’t make disciples. Only a disciple can. That’s why YDisciple couples video resources with extensive training and support for leaders.

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  • Pray Unceasingly with Paul George

    Episode 1

    The Apostle Paul tells us to "pray without ceasing." But how can we do that in the midst of the busyness of our lives? In this study, we'll consider what it means to be in constant conversation with God, including him in every aspect of our daily lives and how that will impact our decision-making...

  • How to Pray with Fr. Rick Martignetti

    Episode 2

    We don't often think of prayer as a source of power, but it is. Not the kind of power the world around us covets, but a power that comes from God alone. In this study, we'll discover how to tap into the greatest power available to us, explore the secrets of prayer, and how to seek and listen to G...

  • Why Pray? with Jim Beckman

    Episode 3

    Why pray? In this study we'll look at this important question, going deeper into what prayer really is and why a desire to prayer is already written on our hearts. Presented by Jim Beckman.

  • Practicing Prayer with Jackie Francois

    Episode 4

    Prayer is an essential part of our relationship with God. Yet many of us struggle with how to pray. In this session, we look at five forms of prayer as outlined in the Catechism and discuss practical ways to pray, overcome distractions, and make prayer a regular part of our lives. Presented by Ja...

  • Prayer Leader Guide

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  • Prayer Teen Sheet

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  • Prayer Parent Sheets

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