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YDisciple is a toolbox of training resources for adults and teaching resources for teens specifically designed with small groups in mind. YDisciple isn’t just another video resource. Programs don’t make disciples. Only a disciple can. That’s why YDisciple couples video resources with extensive training and support for leaders.

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  • Is God Really Real? with Chris Stefanick

    Episode 1

    There are nagging questions we've all asked: Does God exist? If he does, then why does he allow humans to suffer? What does faith have to do with anything? The questions have answers. And this study will uncover them. Presented by Chris Stefanick.

  • Is God Really My Father? with Scott Powell

    Episode 2

    It's one thing to think of God as the Creator; it's another to call him our "Father"—especially when so many of us have distorted ideas of what a father is. Yet, in spite of our bad or good experiences, God longs for us to put aside our confused impressions and love him as the Father he truly is....

  • Is Jesus Really Divine? with Julianne Miles

    Episode 3

    According to author C.S. Lewis, the notion that Jesus was simply a "good teacher" isn't sustainable. Lewis explains that he was either a liar, intentionally deceiving everyone; a lunatic, because he wasn't who he claimed to be but believed it anyway; or truly who he claimed to be: God in the fles...

  • Is the Holy Spirit Really a Person? with Jim Beckman

    Episode 4

    It's easy to think of the Holy Spirit as some sort of vague "essence" floating around somewhere, doing things that we can't see or find hard to comprehend. In this study, we'll look closely at the real Holy Spirit—a Person as real as the Father and the Son—with whom we are meant to have a relatio...

  • Who Is God? Leader Guide

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  • Who Is God? Teen Sheets

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  • Who Is God? Parent Sheets

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