18 Seasons

Purchase full-color guides: https://bit.ly/2s6BHsa. YDisciple is a toolbox of training resources for adults and teaching resources for teens specifically designed with small groups in mind. YDisciple isn’t just another video resource. Programs don’t make disciples. Only a disciple can. That’s why YDisciple couples video resources with extensive training and support for leaders.

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  • The Heart of a Man, Part 1 with Chris Stefanick

    Episode 1

    It's in the heart of a man to be significant, to make his mark on the world, to do "great things" no matter how large or small. That's what it takes to be a real man. But is that true? Is being real the same as being great? This YDISCIPLE study examines the cultural view of being a real man in co...

  • The Heart of a Man, Part 2 with Chris Stefanick

    Episode 2

    In this second study about manhood, we'll look at God's call to be men of greatness, as demonstrated through four distinctive "marks." We'll also learn about saints who were soldiers, the virtues of knighthood, and how to gain real spiritual freedom in the quest for greatness. Presented by Chris ...

  • Band of Brothers, Part 1 with Scott Powell

    Episode 3

    As witnessed in YDISCIPLE groups, men yearn for more than just friendship; they want brotherhood—true brothers and mentors who will support them, guide them, and keep them accountable as they seek to follow Christ. But where do they find brotherhood, and how can they be sure it's the right kind? ...

  • Band of Brothers, Part 2 with Scott Powell

    Episode 4

    What does it mean to be a “band of brothers” when following Jesus? In this continuation of our discussion about brotherhood, we'll look at the biblical story of a man named David and his friendship with Jonathan, the son of the king that David is about to replace. The heart of their relationship—...

  • Manhood Leader Guide

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  • Manhood Parent Sheets

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  • Manhood Teen Sheets

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  • Manhood hoja para padres

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