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YDisciple is a toolbox of training resources for adults and teaching resources for teens specifically designed with small groups in mind. YDisciple isn’t just another video resource. Programs don’t make disciples. Only a disciple can. That’s why YDisciple couples video resources with extensive training and support for leaders.

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The Invitation: A 4-Part Series on Discipleship for Teens
Introduction to YDisciple for Leaders
Known: Experiencing God in Prayer
Never Alone - Life with the Holy Spirit
True Beauty: Womanhood: Becoming the Woman You were Created to Be
True Strength: Manhood: Becoming the Man You were Created to Be
Who is God?
Who Am I?
The Church
Human Sexuality
Hot Topics
True Beauty: Chastity for Girls
Chastity for Guys
The Creed: Symbolon for YDisciple
Living the Creed: Symbolon for YDisciple
Called: Discover Your Vocation

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  • True Beauty: The Heart of a Woman, Part 1 with Lisa Cotter

    Episode 1

    The differences between a woman and a man are deeply profound. God created them to be complementary. But often those differences can create a trap, ensnaring both women and men in sin. This study speaks frankly about the wonders and pitfalls of a woman's heart. Presented by Lisa Cotter.

  • True Beauty: The Heart of a Woman, Part 2 with Lisa Cotter

    Episode 2

    In Jesus we have the fullness of Love Incarnate–never romantic, sentimental, or fantasy-filled, but a real love that is sacrificial, truthful, and life-giving. In this session, young women will see how the example of Jesus should inform what they need in a husband. Yet, more than merely an exampl...

  • True Beauty: Sisterhood, Part 1 with Sarah Swafford

    Episode 3

    For many women, friendships are rarely passive relationships, but "sisterhoods" that shape and form who they become. This first of two sessions on the topic explores how putting Jesus at the center of sisterhood changes how women relate to one another–focusing on virtue through acceptance, suppor...

  • True Beauty: Sisterhood, Part 2 with Sarah Swafford

    Episode 4

    YDISCIPLE's discussion of sisterhood continues as we consider how true sisters accept a woman as Jesus does—as she is, without false expectations about who she should be. Ultimately, true sisters know that only in Jesus can a woman become who she is truly meant to be, and seeks to help her get th...

  • True Beauty: Womanhood Leader Guide

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  • True Beauty: Womanhood Teen Sheets

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  • True Beauty: Womanhood Parent Sheets

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  • True Beauty: Womanhood hoja para padres

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