18 Seasons

Purchase full-color guides: https://bit.ly/2s6BHsa. YDisciple is a toolbox of training resources for adults and teaching resources for teens specifically designed with small groups in mind. YDisciple isn’t just another video resource. Programs don’t make disciples. Only a disciple can. That’s why YDisciple couples video resources with extensive training and support for leaders.

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  • Understanding Teenagers

    Episode 1

    If we are going to walk with teenagers, not just preach at them, we need to understand where they are coming from. David Rinaldi helps us take a closer look at everything from brain development to culture and how we can bring Jesus into all of that.

  • Small Group Discipleship

    Episode 2

    Discipleship. The word seems to be everywhere, but what do we really mean by it? And why are small groups so important? Annie Grandell, YDisciple Coordinator for NET Ministries presents.

  • How to Lead a Small Group

    Episode 3

    Small groups are the recommended context for using YDisciple. But where to start? Matt Reiswig of NET Ministries will share practical advice on how to lead a small group well.

  • The Secrets to Success in Discipleship

    Episode 4

    Christina Serna of NET Ministries teaches us about two essential secrets to effectively lead and disciple a small group of teenagers.

  • Getting Started: A Guide for Parish Leaders

    Episode 5

    Are you a youth minister, DRE, really invested parent? Watch this video for tips on how to get a small group ministry off the ground.

  • YDisciple Activities

    113 MB