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    Monday (October 11) — Pope Saint John XXIII
    - Confessions of Augustine: True Conversion is Baptism (Part 4 of 6)
    - John XXIII: The Pope of Peace
    - The Revolution of John XXIII: The Second Vatican Council

    Tuesday (October 12)
    - The Augustine Institute Show with Dr. ...

  • Confessions of Augustine: True Conversion is Baptism (Part 4 of 6)

    Dr. Elizabeth Klein and Dr. John Sehorn, professors at the Augustine Institute, walk through the culture shaping, famous work of The Confessions of Saint Augustine. This classic of western literature has shaped thought for over 1,500 years and is a spiritual masterpiece reflecting man's relations...

  • John XXIII: The Pope of Peace

    An inspiring feature film on Saint Pope John XXIII, starring Edward Asner in an acclaimed performance as the beloved pontiff, who came from common stock and was known for his simplicity, courage, and love for humanity. Shot on location in Rome and Italy, and produced by the Italian film company L...

  • Revolution of John XXIII: The Second Vatican Council

    Rome, 1959. Cardinals elect a 76 year old Pope, hoping for an uneventful pontificate without surprises. But John XXIII surprised everyone.

    With the Second Vatican Council, Pope John XXIII launched the greatest revolution in the modern history of the Catholic Church. He summoned the world's bis...

  • Bible Study: Galatians 4:21-31

    Dr. Michael Barber and Dr. James Prothro, professors of Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute Graduate School, study St. Paul's pivotal Letter to the Galatians.

    Click to view the Galatians series

    Grab your Bible and follow along! We recommend the ESV-Catholic Edition, which you can find a...

  • Episode 6: Fatima

    Against the backdrop of a world engulfed in war, the prophetic drama surrounding a small town in Portugal captures the minds and hearts of believers and unbelievers alike. In this episode learn about Pope Benedict XV and the apparitions at Fatima. Purchase your copy of Divine Mercy in the Second ...

  • Introduction to the Fatima Message

    An introduction to the world situation in the early 20th century, leading up to the time of the apparitions at Fatima in 1917.

  • The Day the Sun Danced: The True Story of Fatima

    In 1917, three children named Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta experienced a great miracle. While herding a flock of sheep outside the tiny village of Fatima, Portugal, the Blessed Mother visited them, not once, but many times, telling the children great and wondrous secrets that would affect all of...

  • The 13th Day

    In a world torn apart by persecution, war, and oppression, three children in Fatima, Portugal, were chosen by God to offer an urgent message of hope to the world. Based on the memoirs of the oldest seer, Lucia Santos, and many thousands of independent eye-witness accounts, The 13th Day dramatizes...

  • FORMED Now! How and Why to Pray the Rosary

    Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. John Sehorn discuss the beauty of praying the Rosary.

  • What are the Sacraments?

  • FORMED Now! Teacher of Prayer: Saint Teresa of Avila

    Dr. Ben Akers and Annette Bergeon, Executive Director of Endow, discuss St. Teresa of Avila and her love of conversations with Jesus.

  • St. Teresa of Avila - Episode 1 (subtitled)

  • Saint Teresa of Ávila: A Study in Perseverance

    Nobely-born, wealthy, captivating, and headstrong, Teresa de Ahumada was an unlikely timber for a great work of renovation. After many years of complacent living in a fashionable convent, Teresa was drawn into a mystical embrace and learned directly from Divine Inspiration what a life more pleasi...

  • Truth to Inspire: St. Teresa of Avila

    This is the story of the great reformer of the Carmelite order: St. Teresa of Avila. This audiodrama follows the life a privileged Spanish youth through her childhood and attendance at the local convent school to her founding of several discalced (shoeless) monasteries. Be inspired by this saint'...

  • FORMED Now! Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Using passages from Sacred Scripture, Dr. Tim Gray and Dr. Ben Akers discuss the Church's teaching on the Sacred Heart of Jesus and also the historicity of the devotion.