The Whole Sex Talk

The Whole Sex Talk

6 Episodes

Sex: It's a difficult topic for all of us. This series gives parents the motivation, confidence and tools to talk to their kids about sex.

The Whole Sex Talk
  • Talking with Our Kids about Sex

    Episode 1

    Many parents struggle with broaching the sex topic with their kids. After this session, you will hopefully realize that despite the difficulty, it is worth it. You may save your kids from making mistakes that they will suffer from later in life by changing our culture's message by telling our kid...

  • Confronting the Past

    Episode 2

    How will kids feel about us if they know about our past mistakes? Fearing the past can cripple sharing. In this session parents discuss the different stages they are at in the sex talk with their kids.

  • Pregnancy and Abortion

    Episode 3

    This session contains honest and descriptive testimonials pertaining to pregnancy, abortion, abortion procedures, and subsequent emotional consequences.

  • Spiritual and Emotional Consequences

    Episode 4

    Two pastors talk about God's design for sex--one that is great and rewarding. Any other design is empty and damaging. Sex is much more than the body since it also involves our minds and souls. That's why the psychological consequences of temporary sexual relationships are powerful and real.

  • Dating and Relationships

    Episode 5

    This session discusses eight stages of a relationship from talking and flirting to sexual intercourse.

  • Image Bearers at Heart

    Episode 6

    The final session takes a candid look at a group of teens reflecting on how affirmation, affection, and achievement were demonstrated by their parents and how it impacted them mentally and emotionally. After these sessions, you will hopefully have the confidence and tools to speak to your kids ab...

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