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Watch The Search // Episode 3 // Why a God?

Watch The Search // Episode 3 // Why a God?

The Search // Episode 3 // Why a God?

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    Your life is a story. And it’s caught up in the great story of humanity. This great story, as we see it in the Scriptures, shows us the amazing love story that is God’s pursuit of man. The God that is love created so we can ultimately be with his love. We were made to be with God. Union with God ...

  • The Search // Episode 5 // Who is Jesus?

    The most beautiful part of this story is this we can know God's love, personally. This is the person of Jesus. But how did this seemingly insignificant carpenter born into poverty in a dusty corner of the Roman Empire become the most pivotal figure in all of history. Christianity isn’t simply a p...

  • The Search // Episode 6 // Am I Saved?

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    What Jesus did for us through his life, death and resurrection was the greatest act of love in history. He saved us. He did this for each one of us. Personally. But some might feel unworthy of this gift...