Never Alone: Life with the Holy Spirit

Never Alone: Life with the Holy Spirit

8 Episodes

Every Catholic Christian is invited into a living relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is in living life with the Holy Spirit that we find answers to some of teens’ deepest longings: Who am I? Where do I belong? How do I know what to do with my life? Is this all there is? 

Combining personal testimony with catechesis, this series was created to bring about this sort of fruitful discussion with students who are preparing to be confirmed as well as those whose confirmation day has already come and gone. As with all YDisciple series, it is designed specifically with small groups in mind.

Each session comes with a Leader Guide for middle school and high school, Participant Guide, and Parent Sheet (English & Spanish)

Presenter Biographies:
Sarah Kaczmarek has spent the better part of two decades serving in pastoral ministry:  11 years at a parish in Detroit, Michigan as well as working with Alpha and Encounter Ministries.  She holds a BA in English Literature, an MA in therapeutic counseling, and is pursuing an MA in Pastoral Studies in Evangelization. She loves a good cup of coffee, foodie adventures, exploring the world, and passionately praying for the evangelization of the next generation.

Nic Gutierrez first and foremost enjoys building the domestic church with his wife and 3 children in Grapevine, Texas.  He works as a parish youth minister and cohosts The Catholic Youth Ministry Podcast. Before entering professional ministry, he served as a missionary for two years with NET Ministries and later earned his bachelor degree in Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas and at the Angelicum in Rome.  When he isn’t engaged in Catholic youth ministry, he enjoys woodworking in his shop, coaching gymnastics, and drumming in a country band.

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Never Alone: Life with the Holy Spirit
  • Never Alone Session 1: Belonging

    Episode 1

    The third Person of the Trinity is the one who illuminates our identity and belonging as God’s sons and daughters. Presented by Nic Gutierrez

  • Never Alone Session 2: Guided

    Episode 2

    With the guidance Holy Spirit in prayer and discernment, no one is alone in making decisions. Presented by Nic Gutierrez

  • Never Alone Session 3: Empowered

    Episode 3

    Not only is the power of the Holy Spirit we see in the Bible real, but it is available to each one of us still today.  Presented by Sarah Kaczmarek

  • Never Alone Session 4: Alive

    Episode 4

    How do we find the Holy Spirit in daily life including overcoming sin and accessing grace in ordinary moments? Veni sancte spiritus! Presented by Sarah Kaczmarek

  • Never Alone High School Leader Guides.pdf

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  • Never Alone Participant Guides.pdf

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  • Never Alone Parent Sheets.pdf

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  • Never Alone Middle School Leader Guide.pdf

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  • Nunca Solo Sesión 1: Pertenecer in English with Spanish subtitles

    Episode 5

    Estos son algunos de los puntos principales:

    · Nos sentimos solos cuando no tenemos relaciones que den vida.

    · El Papa Benedicto XVI llamó al Espíritu Santo “la persona más descuidada de la Trinidad”, lo que significa que a menudo olvidamos que el Espíritu Santo es Dios

    y que tenemos acces...

  • Nunca Solo Sesión 2: Guiado in English with Spanish subtitles

    Episode 6

    Estos son algunos de los puntos principales:

    · Discernir significa pedir la guía y ayuda de Dios para tomar decisiones.

    · “Convicción, alegría y paz ... La voluntad de Dios puede discernirse por los

    frutos del Espíritu que trae”. - p. Walter Cizek

    · El Espíritu Santo a menudo nos guía a...

  • Nunca Solo Sesión 3: Empoderado in English with Spanish subtitles

    Episode 7

    Estos son algunos de los puntos principales:

    · Tenemos acceso al mismo Espíritu Santo dado a los apóstoles en Pentecostés a través de la gracia de los sacramentos y la oración.

    · El Espíritu Santo nos da poder para compartir nuestra fe, para ser testigos audaces.

    · “Solo hay dos maneras ...

  • Nunca Solo Sesión 4: Vivo in English with Spanish subtitles

    Episode 8

    Estos son algunos de los puntos principales:

    · En el bautismo, recibiste lo que la Iglesia llama, “gracia santificante”, cuando el Espíritu Santo se infunde en tu alma y se te da la capacidad de vivir una vida santa o santificada.

    · Si no cooperamos con la gracia que se nos da, puede permanece...

  • Nunca Solo Parent Sheet Spanish.pdf

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