Watch this video and more on FORMED

Watch this video and more on FORMED

Poor Associations

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Up Next in Module 3: Do's & Don'ts of Parenting

  • The Timeout

    There is one discipline tool that is a staple for parents everywhere: The Timeout. The Timeout is a time- tested strategy that will be one of the primary assets in your disciplining toolbox and you will use it for years to come. In this lesson, Patrick describes one very effective way to implemen...

  • The Redo

    For adults and children alike, doing things over and over again is tedious. This is why when it comes to our children, the Redo technique is one of the most valuable tactics a parent can wield. In this lesson, Patrick explains how and when to use the strategy to change undesirable behaviors painl...

  • The Removal

    Has there ever been a time when the best way to deal with a child's behavior was to remove him or her completely from the situation? In this lesson, Patrick discusses the Removal tactic and how to navigate the scenarios in which parents are hesitant to use it. The presence of other children, our ...