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Introduction to the Module


Up Next in Module 3: Do's & Don'ts of Parenting

  • That's Just Embarrassing

    Have you ever been in a situation where someone said something that made you think twice about making the same choice again? In the right situations, publicly acknowledging bad behavior can act as a natural motivator for our children to stop or avoid certain behaviors. Used carelessly, this tacti...

  • Be Pro-Active, Don't React

    We can all become experienced parents if we learn how to anticipate the clashes with our children, and because we already have rules in place, we can be sure of where those clashes will occur. In this lesson, Patrick encourages us to prepare for the inevitable outburst rather than reacting to it....

  • The 5 Second Rule

    We all want our children to respond to our corrections right away, but to do that, we need to act on their misbehavior immediately. In this lesson, Patrick teaches that the 5 Second Rule is one very effective way to do this. Though tiring now, consistently responding to poor behavior in a timely ...