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Be Pro-Active, Don't React

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  • The 5 Second Rule

    We all want our children to respond to our corrections right away, but to do that, we need to act on their misbehavior immediately. In this lesson, Patrick teaches that the 5 Second Rule is one very effective way to do this. Though tiring now, consistently responding to poor behavior in a timely ...

  • Don't Overreact

    Attempting to discipline while angry or experiencing some other strong emotion almost always results in an overreaction. You've probably found yourself in this situation many times and could point to some pretty embarrassing episodes to illustrate this. In this lesson, Patrick encourages us to fu...

  • God Given Authority

    One of the best realizations a parent can have is that the source of their authority is God. And while there is much to learn about parenting, it will still be your parenting game plan that makes all the difference between parenting with ease and struggling through the day. In this lesson, Patric...