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Watch this video and more on FORMED

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Up Next in Module 2: Habits of Parenting

  • House Rules

    Observing your family should reveal much about what your family is all about. The House Rules that you have established will make sure that every member of the family knows what the family culture is and how to live it out. The House Rules then will become the foundation upon which your family cu...

  • Character Rules

    While it is important for families to have house rules that apply to everyone, it is also important to have guidelines that apply to individual family members that help develop their character. In this lesson, Patrick explains what Character Rules are and how setting boundaries for each person in...

  • Some Things Are Not Okay

    Even after a strong family culture has been established, bad habits can undermine all of our hard work. While you will begin to see a transformation in the dynamics of daily life, these inevitable clashes will occur. In particular, sibling interaction, if left unchecked, will be a repetition of a...